Too soon? Shudder’s Slasher S4E1 explores what it would be like if the Trumps had mega $$ and a tv crew following them around on an island. Wait…the shit? Is Slasher S4E1’s plot a very special Trumpmas on Epstein Island? I knew the Skipper looked familiar…

There is a lot to unpack in Slasher S4E1 and were aren’t talking about bathing suits and motorboat oil. We’re talking full out dysfunctional family (no poker, sorry, Rev Jim!) open war. Although the official title for Slasher S4E1 is Thicker than Water, the more relatable one would be ‘White People Problems’. Jim grew up working at an excusive “member only” richer than gawd country club. He’s seen way too many people like this family, and that’s not a good thing.

If you love gore and drama, then Shudder’s newest Slasher installment is definitely must-see.

Jim towards the end of the review (you know, if you can’t make it that far at least you have this sound bite)

Family Feud but less awkward

This ‘pilot’ episode (I mean, do you really have a pilot if they bought the entire series in advance?) sets the tone for what’s to come. It handles exposition well; we can see the family oozing crazy before the title sequence finishes. That’s one of the strengths of this series – the exposition never feels forced. I can’t/won’t spoil what’s ahead, but there are a lot of ‘are you fucking kidding me?!?’ moments that dig into the past and each of them fits seamlessly into the main plot. There is no wasted motion in this season.

Rich people suck. I think that’s the moral of the episode. It shows that money can’t buy happiness (nor the boat to anchor next to it…sorry, Dave). Hell, money can’t even buy decent upbringing. You can see how close the character is to the main ‘raised by daddy’ family line by the level of twistedness. Does this mean that you want everyone to die because they are all horrible? Oddly, no.

As Jim has flashbacks to rich people summer camps….

There are people who will stand out to ‘root against’ harder. I think we all have at least one trigger represented in this character galley. That’s a good thing. It means we will root for different people – almost as if we are watching this unfold as a reality tv show.

The easy line would be a joke about ‘gee, I wish we had a reality tv show like this’, but I’ve used my ‘easy jokes’ up with the title and the Trump thing. Plus, with this current hellscape time line we all find ourselves on…well…why tempt Fate?

In a way, the entire show reminds me of an adaptation of the Running Man – just slightly askew. I’ll let that sink in a bit as I get ready for my electric dynamo Christmas tree fitting.

I never did get these perfume ads…

The Verdict of Slasher S4E1

For this episode, I give 4.2 Cthulhus. It sets the tone and is re-watchable – the characters don’t have to carry the story (hats off to the writers) but damn if the acting isn’t stellar. If you love gore and drama, then Shudder’s newest Slasher installment is definitely must-see. Don’t take my word for it, though. Check this one out yourself. It’s well worth the price of Shudder sub.

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
Live action of Jim’s stunt double screaming at the cost of housing

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