For someone who didn’t consider sex a big deal at the start of the series, Dexter is sure thinking with his dick a lot. If I’m being more generous, I might say that for someone who doesn’t think he has a heart, Dexter’s sure listening to it more than his brain.

I’ll let you decide which seems more accurate.

Dexter has decided he just can’t kill Hannah, despite having finally gotten Deb converted to his side. He does his best to talk Deb down. When that doesn’t work, he goes to his default. When interacting with regular people, always lead with donuts. 

But Issak is still after him. And he strikes in the donut shop, shooting the place up. This felt like a sacrilege. Dexter’s been going to the donut shop since season one. It hurt to see it damaged.

Of course, this is the time Dexter has to have all three kids at his place because their grandfather is having surgery.

We haven’t seen Cody and Astor in a while. They’re growing up, which makes me feel old. Astor looks like a full-blown adult. And she certainly thinks she is, smoking weed and everything.

Dexter wants to get rid of Isaak quickly. He tracks him to a bar. Isaak makes sure several people know Dexter’s name, so killing him is out of the question.

We learn a lot about Isaak in this conversation. Who Viktor was to him. How he plans to spend the rest of his life. He talks to Dexter like a friend, which is nice because Isaak doesn’t have too many friends right now. His entire brotherhood has turned its back on him because he couldn’t let Viktor’s death go.

Deb has the kids staying with her, so they don’t get between Isaak and Dexter. But this also leads to an unfortunate scene. Dexter has Hannah’s keys because he was using her car to tail Isaak. And Deb recognizes the keys.

This leads to a dramatic scene where Deb admits that she loves Dexter. No, that she’s in love with Dexter.

I was hoping they’d drop that plot, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

I’m liking this season more than I thought I would. They turned the mobster motif on its head. I’m glad to see they didn’t go with the easy path.

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