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The second to last episode of the season picks up just after Dexter has a startling revelation. His father, the sainted Harry, didn’t die of a heart attack. He killed himself, after seeing Dexter’s handiwork. 

After telling Dexter that he’d done the right thing, training him to kill. 

I’m firmly on #teamscrewharry. The more I see of Dexter, the more I think he never needed to be the monster he is. Dexter and Doakes talk a lot in this episode. Not boring talk, real talk. And Doakes almosts gets through to him.

Mind you, Doakes is pretty good at talking people down. But no better or worse than a good therapist. We wouldn’t have such a good show if Harry had been a good father. The tales of a blood splatter tech don’t sound riveting. But at least Dex would have been happy!

Instead, what we have is a sad Dexter who blaming himself for everything messed up thing he’s ever done.

Yes, that includes Lila. 

While Dexter’s grappling with his world crashing around his ears, Lila’s pressing charges on Angel, claiming he drugged and raped her. There are few things lower than a woman who lies about such things. She tells Dexter that she won’t press charges if they get back together. 

She can go to hell. Dexter tells her so, too. Which is nice. 

Due to Dexter’s little chats with Doakes, he’s come to a decision. He’s going to turn himself in. And this choice has lightened his mood entirely. He begs Rita to let him take her and the kids out on the boat. He has beers with Deb, and signs a living will so she gets everything he owns. 

He’s acting like someone who’s decided to off himself! 

If someone you know suddenly starts acting like this, sit down with them and have an honest conversation. Especially if they’re saying things like just one more day when making fun out of the blue plans. Is no one in Dexter’s life paying any attention to him? No wonder he gets away with killing people.

While Dexter’s getting his life in order, Doakes is escaping. Tracking through the swamp, he comes across an alligator.

I have no idea what’s wrong with me, but I love these things. My response to an apex predator should not be, “ Look at him! He’s so freaking cute! Look, he’s going to eat that guy I like. Come here, you prehistoric puppy dragon.” But it is. 

The alligator doesn’t get Doakes. Some drug dealers in a fan boat do. And Dexter, surprisingly, comes to his aid. 

The alligator, in the end, gets a coke-laced dinner. Good for him.

Of course, Doakes goes right back in the cage. This is going to be a problem for Dexter, who thinks his frame job is air-tight. He has no idea that LaGuerta is doing something I never would have thought she was capable of in the first season. She’s risking her whole career to prove that Doakes, her friend, is innocent. We finally found the one person LaGuerta cares more about than her career.

Lila, by the way, found him too. And by that I mean she stole Dexter’s GPS device and found out he’s been spending a lot of time at some dumpy cabin. Since she doesn’t understand things like personal boundaries or the fact that other people don’t exist just to be playthings, she heads out to investigate. 

Dexter’s warned Lila over and over that he’s a monster. Maybe she’ll finally believe him this time. 

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