Stop the presses, I have an announcement. This episode is the second one in the season with a title that makes sense. 

Remember when that used to be a requirement?

Episode eight of HBO’s The Outsider was much better than last week’s episode. I’m pleased to say that. 

Holly and most of the team follow Claude, who’s gone to visit his brother. Claude has fledOutsider Episode 8, Holly because he feels like something is watching him. He feels like something’s clawing into his mind, watching him through his windows. He feels eyes upon him, even though there are no eyes to be seen.

His instinct is right, of course.

The team shows up after Claude is taken in for his protection, and his brother has been arrested for intimidating a police officer. They leave with him and try to explain why the hell they need to watch Claude. That it is for his good.

While all of this is happening, we’re introduced to a lovely family. A set of grandparents and their grandkids, heading to some big event. A really weird event, to be fair. It’s a bunch of people dressed in animal masks hanging around a set of caves. 

And I’m pretty sure this whole storyline was designed to put El Coco in a fox mask and have him try to take off with this little boy. As an aside, I don’t like masks. Most people don’t like them. Anyone could be behind them. Your mother, your lover, your ex with a concealed carry permit. We all think we’d recognize a friend from a foe behind a mask, but would we? Or do we rely more on faces than we realize?

Outsider Episode 8, JackThis episode started including some creep factor. We see Jack in the woods, listening in horror as El Coco chomps and grunts while devouring a man. We see a little boy hunted in a fair setting, a horror story for every parent in the world. And scariest of all, we see the police come for Claude because he was seen leading that young boy away from his family. But how could it be Claude, when he was home all night?

There are just two more episodes left, and we can feel it. Hope you’re watching it with me.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)