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Locke & Key Episode 7 begins back in Seattle. Sam is in Rendall Locke’s office answering for a recent offense in school. There, he hears a voice coming from a drawing of Keyhouse. Rendall explains that it was his childhood home and it reminds him of everything he has.

After the flashback, Sam breaks into Keyhouse and begins skulking around as Nina, Kinsey, and Bode continue with their unpacking. Sam holds Nina at gun point when she stumbles upon him trying on the Tyler’s clothing. Bode, using the Ghost Key, finds out that Sam is looking for the Head Key.

Locke & Key Episode 7
Remember? Haven’t seen this since Episode 3!

Kinsey hides the Head Key and Bode and Kinsey give themselves up to Sam. The Locke kids give Sam the Music Key, Starfish Key, and Mirror Key. The four eat dinner as they wait for Tyler to return home.

During an evening filled with drinking and making out, Tyler discovers the Anywhere Key in Dodge’s truck. He finally realizes who she is and since the key is in his possession, Dodge can’t take it from him. Tyler runs off and uses the key in a nearby door to escape to Keyhouse.

Rumble at Keyhouse…

After a fight with Sam, Tyler is subdued and Kinsey claims she buried the Head Key in the woods. Kinsey brings Sam to the location where she buried her Fear. She attempts to use the knife on Sam but she catches him. Kinsey’s Fear pops out of the ground and attacks Sam allowing Kinsey and Bode to get away.

Sam shows back up at Keyhouse followed shortly by Dodge. Dodge goes ninja on Tyler and Nina and tells Sam to give her the keys. When Tyler attempts to use their prior friendship to stop Sam from giving them to her, Dodge stabs him. She tells him he was never special and leaves with all the keys Sam had collected including the Anywhere Key.

The Nina and Tyler run outside as the police arrive and find Kinsey and Bode. Sam leaves the house via the Ghost Door and is becomes trapped when a police officer closes the door. The Ghost of Sam looks down on the family as he fades, presumably forever.

Locke & Key Episode 7 In Review…

I finally get the character break I was expecting/hoping for in Nina. It’s the last scene when she’s alone and Nina finally reaches her limit. Tyler getting his resolution to his part in his father’s death might mean a similar character change and hopefully for the better. I hope that the last 3 episodes will have the depth I’ve been hoping for.

Locke & Key Episode 7 get a 3 out of 5 Cthulhus.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)