This was an explosive episode of Dexter. Which makes sense, being almost the end of the season. But there were some major moments here. Some series changing things.

Travis is done with the police’s involvement. He’s ready to deal with them, by making their precinct the scene of his next tableau. He sends Beth in as a suicide bomber, giving her strict instructions to wait until Deb is in the building. 

Dexter manages to spot the bomb just in time, shoving Beth into a room and locking the door behind her. He’s the only one who breaths in any of the toxic gas.

Well, besides Beth. She dies choking on her own blood. 

Dexter’s told to be wary of nosebleeds and dizzy spells. He refuses, as always, to go see a doctor. Instead, he forges on. It’s time to make Travis come to him.

Because right after being told you’re physically compromised is the exact right time to call out an unhinged enemy. 

Dexter sets up his tableau, using Gellar’s hand as the centerpiece. This has the desired effect of enraging Travis.

While Dexter is setting up his art display, the precinct is overrun by the FBI. Deb’s trying to juggle everyone, making sure they’re playing nice with the feds. She’s also dealing with Captain Matthews, who was recently in a room with a dead call girl. 

He asks her outright to not pursue the case anymore. As it turns out, he didn’t ask the right person.

While Deb’s dealing with this basic betrayal by her father figure, her therapist throws her a curveball. She suggests that Deb might have feelings for Dexter that aren’t exactly that of a sister. Deb tells her off, and storms out of her office. That night though, she has a dream that kind of suggests she might be in love with Dexter.


Dexter has no idea any of this is happening. He’s setting a kill room up for Travis, having lured him to the marina. But of course, Dexter’s exposure to the gas catches up with him at the worst time. Travis manages to wrestle his syringe away from him. 

Dex wakes up on a rowboat surrounded by gas. And Travis, aboard Dexter’s boat, has a flair.

There’s just one more episode left in the season. I’ll be interested to see what’s left to blow up. 

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