So far this season of Dexter has had a lot of different storylines. We’ve had Isaak trying to figure out what happened to Viktor. We’ve had the police looking for Viktor. We’ve had Deb coming to grips with the fact that her brother’s a serial killer.

Louis died. Then that Alex guy was forced to kill himself and Angel doesn’t think it was a true suicide. And he’s right.

Oh, and then there’s Hannah, who was part of a multi-state killing spree when she was fifteen.

It’s only really in this episode that all of this is starting to come together. 

Deb is moving past her anger at Dexter for being, you know, what he is. She’s realizing the complexity of this life, layer by layer. Now, she’s coming to terms with the fact that Dexter’s in very real danger of getting caught almost all the time.

Like any good sister, she wants to protect him. So when Maria tells her she’s investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher killings again, Deb jumps right in to mess that plan up.

It’s a good thing she does. As Maria starts talking to witnesses, she happens upon a collection of photos. Dexter is in one, at a wedding he had no business being at. Deb manages to pocket the picture before Maria can see it.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s dealing with Isaak. At the same time, Issak’s dealing with him. I have no earthly idea how Isaak found Dexter’s place, but he did. So, Dexter stalks him to a cafe, and they have a phone chat. 

Isaak’s been right about a lot of things this season so far. But now he thinks the whole police force was in on killing his friend. And so he wants them all to pay. Dexter tells him the truth, that he was working alone. But we don’t think Isaak believed him.

A chess match between the two ensues. Dexter lures him to a bar run by a Columbian cartel, hoping to get him killed. Isaak murders three cartel members instead. But he leaves some blood behind, so Deb can arrest him for murder.

But we can hardly think this is the end of things. 

All this would be quite enough. But Dexter also has Hannah to worry about. She helped the police find two victims of her old buddy Wayne. But Dexter soon realizes that one of the people couldn’t have been killed by Wayne. 

It was Hannah. And she probably wasn’t with Wayne when she did it. 

I don’t like Hannah. The last thing Dexter needs is another pretty blond hanging around. Though I will say, he’s got a type. A type that’s going to get him killed, but a type. 

Guess we’ll have to see how long this little loveable killer sticks around. 

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