Things just keep getting worse and worse for Harrison in New Blood. The carefully made-up mask he’s been hiding behind is slipping. And his father knows damn well what’s happening.

In the last episode, we saw Angela find out exactly who Dexter is. Now, she’s confronted him. Poor Dex, he thought she was pulling him over for some kinky fun. But it turns out it was just to confront him with the truth.

Dexter does what he does best. He tells Angela the truth without telling her the truth. He says he wanted to get away from the death of his wife and sister. He wanted to sail into that storm and die. 

All of that’s true. But I guess he didn’t feel the need to include the bits about being the Bay Harbor Butcher. Well, I suppose surprises keep things exciting in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Molly’s getting herself into some trouble. After being told by Angela not to talk to Kurt, she listens to her new cop friend and pursues a different angle.

No, of course, that’s not what happened. She goes right to the bar to have lunch with Kurt. He, in turn, invites her to his cabin to meet Matt, and interview him.

Yeah, that means to lure her into his kill room. He’s jonesing for a kill. His last one didn’t go to plan, didn’t satisfy his need. So Molly seems like the perfect target. Until Dexter comes along at just the right time to save her.

After dropping Molly off, Dexter heads to the school to see Harrison wrestle. While he’s doing that, Angela’s checking out a cave that might hold answers to Matt’s death. I mean, it doesn’t, but she thinks it might. 

The match is going well until Harrison’s opponent hits him in the face, against regulation. Harrison, seeing red, breaks the kid’s arm in front of everyone.

Kurt gets to Harrison before Dexter can, and tells him that he did the right thing. That it was good, to break another kid’s arm in cruel retaliation. Dexter shoves Kurt away from Harrison. He knows another predator when he sees one, and he’s got no intention of letting Kurt anywhere near his son.

While trying to deal with Harrison acting like he’s the victim of all this, Dex receives a call from Angela.

She’s found something heartbreaking in the cave. And she isn’t calling for Jim Lindsay, the name she’s always known our dark hero by. 

She’s calling for Dexter Morgan. 

Every episode of New Blood so far has been twistier than the last. I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

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