This episode of Dexter New Blood was maybe my favorite so far. It had a great story, a satisfying twist, a cliffhanger, and an old familiar face.

Harrison is thrilled with all the attention he’s getting for saving his schoolmates. Of course, we kind of realize it’s a big fat lie. And Dexter realizes it too. He confronts Harrison with this, and with the knife he found in Harrison’s room. 

Undaunted, Harrison’s invited to a party with the kids from school. They all want to thank him for saving their lives. It’s a party full of people whose names were on Ethan’s kill list.

This party goes off the rails real fast. Someone gives Harrison a pill, then another pill. And things get a little fuzzy for him after that. Then everything goes black.

Audrey wins the award for the smartest kid at the party and calls Logan. Logan has to Narcan Harrison to save him, then rush him to the hospital.

Dexter is furious at how close he came to losing Harrison. He wants to find the person who sold the pills, laced with some tragically bad toxins. His dark passenger is ready for some action. It seems to say that Harrison is its son as well. 

Pity the drug dealer. 

Meanwhile, Angela and Molly are in New York to investigate Matt. You know, the guy who’s dead but his father is telling everyone is alive? 

While there, Angela attends a police conference. And guess who happens to be giving a talk? Angel Batista. 

Angel and Angela get to talking. And somehow or another, the conversation turns to the Trinity Killer. That leads them to talk about Deb, and how she and her brother died tragically. And how she had a nephew who vanished, who was named Harrison.

Things start clicking Beautiful Mind style in Angela’s head. By the end of the episode, she’s got a better idea of who her boyfriend is. 

The one who’s still a mystery to everyone is Kurt. At least, everyone but the girl he welcomed into his home the last episode. The girl who he now is planning to hunt down just like the last one.

But Chloe, of the blue hair and the bad relationship with her mother, isn’t taking this laying down. 

Every time I see Kurt I hate him more. I really cannot wait for him to end up on Dexter’s table. Maybe he’ll even make it a family affair. 

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