I imagine if fans of Dexter had known that New Blood, Cold Snap was coming, there wouldn’t have been so much fury among the fan base. 

What I’m saying is, yes I liked it.

The first episode of the Showtime miniseries takes place ten years after the events of Remember The Monsters. Dexter, going under an assumed name, has built himself a nice little life. He’s working at a hunting supply store. He’s dating a cop named Angela, one of about three who work in this town. Surprisingly she’s not skinny, pale and blond. So there’s that at least. 

Dexter is being haunted still. But not by Harry, his father. Now it’s his sister Deb. She’s his cheerleader, helping him stay away from his dark passenger. And it seems like it’s working. There is no voiceover through the majority of this episode. 

Instead, there is a deer. A pure white deer like something out of The Chronicles of Narnia. Dexter goes every day to track down the deer, trying to befriend it.

No symbolism there, none at all. 

His quiet life is interrupted, though, by the arrival of Matt Caldwell, the town’s problem child. For some reason, Matt stirs up Dexter’s dark passenger. He does his best to control himself, though.

Until Matt kills Dexter’s deer. Then all bets are off.

The writing for the kill room scene was well done. The conversation between Dexter and Matt is great. It’s funny, honest, scary. These have always been some of my favorite scenes because it’s when we see Dexter at his most honest. And after killing Matt, the Dark Passenger returns.

But someone else from Dexter’s past has also returned. His son, Harrison.

At first, Dexter tries to push him away. But in the end, he can’t do it. He loves Harrison too much to lose him again. 

This is sweet and all, but it’s also really concerning. Why did Matt call up the Dark Passenger when no one else over the last ten years has? Why is Harrison seeking Dexter out now, after all this time? How did he know where to look for Dexter, even. 

The most pressing question on my mind, though, is who else might find Dexter in Iron Lake. 

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what answers we get in the next episode of New Blood. 

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