Pooka see, Pooka do

Pooka me, Pooka you

You never know what pooka will do

Pooka loves, Pooka fights

Pooka laughs, Pooka cries

You never know what Pooka will do

It’s difficult to discuss exactly what made Pooka such a brilliant movie without spoiling the twist ending. But as it was such an unexpectedly deep and thought-provoking movie, I’m going to do my best.

Part of the Hulu series called Into The Dark, Pooka starts out feeling like a cheap rendition of stories we’ve all heard a hundred times. Wilson is an actor who just moved to a new town to get away from a dark past he needs to get away from. He gets a job advertising a brand new toy called Pooka. 

Ah, Pooka. The toy that the owners can’t control. He has a naughty and nice setting that can’t be controlled. He repeats things, but not everything. And you never know when he’s going to repeat what you’ve said. 

That seems like a great plan. 

As Wilson settles into his new job, he finds that he wants to spend more and more time in the suit. Meanwhile, he meets a single mom named Melanie. Her son’s name is Ty, and he’s just the cutest little thing. 

Pooka dolls are growing in popularity. Every kid wants one. Wilson even tries to score points with Melanie by getting Ty a Pooka doll. 

I kept expecting Pooka to go mad and start killing people. I had visions of bloody handprints on Ty’s bedroom door.

But that’s not what happens. This wasn’t anything like I expected.

The horror in this movie doesn’t just come from Pooka. It also comes from Wilson’s dark past and the mystery of Ty’s father. It’s the story of a man desperate to be a better person. A man who realizes that there’s a monster inside of him that he cannot control. 

Pooka was the sort of movie that sneaks into the dark shadows of your brain. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. Then take some time to hang out with your family, and look at all the pretty lights.