If you’re looking to be deceived then look no further Gore Heads because today we’re looking at 1986s cult classic Chopping Mall! The movie with no chopping at all! Written and directed by Jim Wynorski also known for titles such as Return Of The Swamp Thing and Not Of This Earth, Chopping Mall features a bougie cast such as Barbara Crampton who also starred in Re-animator, Karrie Emerson, Kellie Maroney, Tony O’Dell and more. 

Chop Chop Motherfucker!

By Judging the poster art alone for this movie I thought my ass was going to be in for a typical horror slasher movie with young, horny teens running amok through a mall while being chased by a killer in lace lingerie and a Gucci watch. Whelp, I was wrong to assume such predictability for Chopping Mall is just as misleading as the poster suggests. Instead of a gory slasher movie, we’re faced with a different kind of horror, mechanical horror. If you’re wondering why the hell the film is titled under a typical slasher horror name then I can answer your question. The film’s original theatrical release was titled Killbots but was renamed and edited with a chunk of the movie taken out as the original release did so poorly. Can’t imagine why?

Fun Fact!

Roger Corman helped fund Chopping Mall which means….it’s super filthy and super sleazy! An accurate description in all reality.

Chopping Mall is a typical 80s horror movie. It’s cheesy, absolutely ridiculous and that’s what makes it fun. Horror is often taken too seriously at times and as much as I love me a ‘serious’ horror movie per se I’m still all about the cringe-worthy B movie horror that lurks out there is the horror verse.  

Three security robots are deployed in a mall where you can imagine hell breaks lose. Of course, a group of teens stays behind in a department store after the mall closes for the night to indulge in a night of sexual debauchery when an electrical storm strikes the mall and fries the killbots circuits. The rest of the film is easy enough to imagine. Teens running away from robots, robots gruesomely murdering said teens. With that being said the gore and kills are very entertaining and often earns brownie points for creativity. The movie is rather explosive and lights a fire under my ass when I feel myself losing interest. Heads blowing up, people burning to death Chopping Mall has a variety of entertaining kills. 

It’ll Blow Your Mind

Overall Chopping Mall is an amusing addition to the horror franchise. However, it is a lot like marmite. You either love it or you hate it.