There is so much more to the horror genre than movies, books, and games. Beyond the insipid black curtain of Hollywood’s mundane and precious, stirs a new life filled with all the glitz and gore, horror maniacs wet dream. 2016 spawned a new devilish duo whose debut show has taken over streaming platforms around the globe. Who else can I be talking about other than The Boulet Brothers. With their harrowing lavish new tv show Dragula:  the search for the next supermonster the Boulet brothers have opened up the doors to a whole new world of drag. Dragula is a horror competition show for contestants of all fiendish nature given the chance to unearth and explore the darker side of drag life culture.

Bloody Devilishly good!

 I’m not just talking about elegant runway queens prancing down the runway in gowns of pink and crowns of white gold, no, I’m talking about badass scream queens dripping with blood, claws clicking menacingly on jagged fingertips, needle-like teeth grinding behind lips of foil red; ready to tear flesh from bone; strutting around with hair so big it needs a grave of its own. And that’s not all. The outfits are decadent but the makeup is outstanding. Dragula is definitely a show for the lovers of all things horror, glamourous and fuckin filthy gorgeous! 

Don’t ask how only now I have managed to stumble across this bizzaro nightmare but here in the year of 2020, I have found myself feeding my hungry soul with the glorious and grotesque.  

Season one features nine glamourous monstrosities such as; Frankie Doom, Loris, Foxie Adjula, Meatball, Melissa Befierce, Pinche, Ursula Major, Xochi Mochi and finally Vander Von Odd. 

In episode one titled the wickedest witch, we find ourselves watching as the nine contestants are given the first challenge in order to win 10 thousand dollars. The challenge is to design their very own wicked witch costume and then recreate the infamous death scene from the Wizard of Oz, “I’m melting, I’m melting!” they have to perform on stage while a bucket of water is thrown over them initiating the classic death scene.

A Tight Situation!

When it comes to the judge’s critiques given by the Boulet Brothers and guest judge Darren Stein, writer, director of the horror movie Jawbreaker. its a tough first judging pannel but a decision is finally made. With Frankie Doom, Ursula Major, Mellissa Befierce, Foxie Adjula, Xochi Mochi and Vander Von Odd safe in the competition the extermination challenge falls to three unfortunate ghouls for the buried alive challenge. Loris, Pinche, and Meatball now have to survive being buried alive in a dark cemetery all the while having bugs, water, and dirt thrown all over them to induce real-life fear. Incredibly all three glamour ghouls managed to stick out the challenge even if Meatball ended up pissing herself from pure terror.

Blood, Sex and Fear!

When the challenge is over the queens are given the all-clear to return to their crypts for the night with the exception that one of them would not be joining them. It is unclear at first who will bite the dust but all soon revels when we find Pinche tied to a tree, flames as she leaves the competition in a fiery exit.

And then there were eight! What will hells gates unleash on us in the next episode? Guess we’ll have to have a look-see!

Dragula is a beautifully designed show, engaging gruesome and spine chilling, a show that definitely needs more attention.