Slasher S4E6 examines what really happens if you violate Apple’s terms of service and why you should never ever throw away a receipt after buying a new child. Last time, we examined the concept of what we think we would do and what we would actually do are two different things. This time, Slasher asks us to examine the moral concept of revenge.

This episode ties up a lot of what we might have thought – or might have thought we saw – in the beginning episodes. Sometimes just a flash of movement picked up by the camera is all we used to build a worldview. This series displays that all things that happen are important. There are no details left as accidental. Again, I would recommend a full re-watch after you finish the series.

Ethics as a survival instinct

One of the top horror movie twist is Orphan. I loved the turn, and I enjoyed this episode (no spoilers) for different reasons. The strength of the child actors can elevate or sink a piece. Even with a talented ensemble cast, one child actor can iceberg the production (Fuck you, Bob!). The casting agent for Slasher needs an award of their own. The deviant mixed with the vulnerable is what makes this episode shine – and that is squarely on one character.

We know right and wrong from the people (or things) who/that raise us. There is a baseline ethic we try to fit in so we don’t draw too much attention to ourselves. Ethics, in a way, is just a survival instinct. What happens when your survival is threatened? What happens when you are tormented repeatedly as a child? Does it stick with you? Maybe it leaves a mark, much like the high water mark of scum on a vanity bath? A mark that everyone can see, but doesn’t know how to remove without damaging the porcelain surface.

As a child, we pick up such marks – many of such marks. Adults do careless things that either bolster or bring us down. Far too few the former and the latter seems to serve only to amplify the damage as our skills to protect ourselves grown, so does the hardness of our skin.

The defense of a child

If you had one shining light in your life of shit and misery, what would you do to keep it? What would you do if someone tried wrongfully and forcefully take it from you? I have seen adults struggle with this – with violence, addiction, suicide attempts, and deep rage. Adults who, at that point, should have a few lessons of wisdom notched in their belts. Adults who should emotionally know better but cannot rationalize above the dull woe of psychic pain.

If an already formed person with a vast array of tricks and armor at their disposal cannot overcome the primal instinct to lash out when in pain, then of what chance can a child?

A man with neatly cut short hair stands in the woods with his hand dripping blood and guts. Slasher S4E6
No Spoilers but that didn’t come from the orifice you’re thinking…

The Verdict for Slasher S4E6

The payoff is well placed – the acting on all ends is superb – and everything falls into place in such a way to expand your vision of the Slasher universe without making you feel cheap. I enjoyed this episode and I think it’s decent exploration of character study – decent but not perfect. I wish they went a bit deeper (maybe the cutting room floor has this?) with the background of the character. It’s so close to being perfect that a little bit could nudge this into an award-winning submission. With that in mind, I am giving this episode a 4.5 instead of a 5. Even when the episode might ‘miss’ something the rest is so strong that it deserves that high of a rating.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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