If you’re on the lookout for a kick-ass Horror movie with some freaky happenings and slight literary quality, look no further than Richard Stanley’s hip and haunting take on the ole H.P. Lovecraft short story by the same name. The twisted Body Horror is enough to make poor Parz here wriggle and squirm, and the intense color palate is enough to please and entertain the most weary of Horror fans.

Alpacas meet Tommy Chong meets Nic Cage meets a flying space ball meets a family secluded in the daring woods makes for a fun, and at times, terrifying watch. We follow Nic Cage try to guide his family through life and horrifying happenings following the sudden crash of a neon-purplish space ball with unknown origins, meaning, or intentions, on his spooked-out property.

Cage is pretty typical Cage here. At a few points he does go a little Wicker Man, but it’s alright. Hehe. His performance in Mandy (2018) still proves his best and most-fitted for his exaggerated acting style. If you’ve been a long-time fan of his, definitely don’t skip this one. And man, I just can’t get over the visual orgasm Color Out of Space is guaranteed to give. I mean, it got me. It got me good. Goo-hoo-ood. 😉

The Body Horror is worthy of a face-off against a scene from the 2018 remake of Suspiria. There’s just enough Sci-Fi and Psychological Horror to keep most Horror fans happy, and I’d call this one a good crowd-pleaser. Amongst couples or buddies, I’d say. The awkward parent sex is enough to avoid watching this with the elderly, and it’s bad enough to keep it from the kids eyes.

Lovecraft’s short story is a must-read for Horror lovers, and offers immaculate Body Horror in its pages. And although I very much enjoyed reading this story, this particular adaptation I found good fun. This film isn’t a masterpiece of cinema, there are some hiccups. I would’ve liked to have seen more pronounced purpose to certain aspects. Like, instead of just sort of throwing Tommy Chong’s character into the mix, I’d have liked to have seen more purpose in his appearance or have his character just completely removed from the film.

Let’s take a trip, but don’t drink the water.

Skip the booze and pop, and settle for a trip alongside a fresh glass of ice water before pressing play. Oh, once again, Tommy Chong’s in this… if you’re looking for that kind of trip, if you get what I mean, this one’s a phenomenal pick for a jolly-good psychedelic time. And although it does seem made for ‘the masses’, don’t miss it. It’s good enough for hardcore fans. Watch out for the Stanley’s second installment in his Lovecraft adaptation series, the next film planned being The Dunwich Horror. I’ll be sure to check that one out. If you watch this and enjoy it or have already seen this and are looking for other goodies watch, try:

If you’re looking for a novel to read, check out Stephen King’s Revival.

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