The Perfection is crazy! From beginning to end, every 10 minutes I thought, “WTF?!” My only criticism is the cheap feeling 10 second rewind take 40 minutes into the film. Beyond that it’s almost perfect. Weird, but perfect (for a Netlfix film).

This Netflix original is what all Netflix originals should aspire to be; albeit in their own respective genres. The Perfection is interesting, uneasy, terrifying, real and surreal. It’s effective because it happens in real life every day. Well the physical and psychological torture. The body horror is a bit more sensational.

The true terror is the scars abuse leaves behind. The shell of a person it creates and the extreme steps one needs to take to escape from it. You probably won’t need to do what these women do to get away from your torment and heal your pain. But it may feel just as gut wrenching.

The effect of The Perfection will probably last a long while. Besides being provocative and visceral, it tells an important story. We need to listen to, support, embolden and empower those who have become powerless. And hold accountable those who wish and have been enabled to control, oppress and enslave others – be it physically, emotionally or mentally.

With a 6.1/10 IMDB rating and 74% Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes, I give 2019’s The Perfection a 7.5/10.

This film is an experience and no matter what you hear I recommend you see it for yourself. But fair warning, if you have some specific skeletons in your closet here is your “trigger warning.”