Hitting the ground, we sure are in this episode. We open to Lorena feasting on Sookie’s neck. Lorena pulls away and relishes in how good Sookie’s blood tastes, asking what she is. During this distraction, a very weak Bill manages to grab Lorena and bring a silver chain around her neck. He motions Sookie to a stake in the corner, and the pair kill Lorena. It happens very quickly, and isn’t as satisfying as it could have been had we lingered in this moment a little longer, but I approve of Sookie being the one to stake her.

Tara and Alcide arrive with the car and begin to wrap Bill up in a large tarp to protect him from the sun in transport. Debbie and Coot burst in and a standoff begins. Alcide shoots Coot, killing him. Debbie, distraught, holds the three at gunpoint. Tara tackles her and they escape with Bill while Alcide locks Debbie – alive – inside the dungeon.

Sam Investigates

Sam, after having suspicions that the Mickens are using their son in dog fights, attempts to enter the illegal betting operation. When being turned away, he transforms into a pitbull and infiltrates the operation. Sam releases all of the dogs and rescues Tommy from the fight, where he is already injured. Sam and Tommy leave their parents standing by the dog fighting ring and head back to Sam’s place.

Jason & Hoyt

As Jason recounts Crystal and the events at her home to Hoyt, Hoyt comes up with the idea for Jason to go to the jail where one of the drug dealers is being held and question him. When Jason does, he finds out that Crystal is the man’s cousin. The man tells Jason that he will give him the information he wants if Jason brings him some meth – the man is really coming down and needs a hit.

Jason goes to Lafayette and tries to buy some, but Lafayette asserts that not only does he not sell meth, but he wouldn’t sell it to Jason even if he did.

After talking to Jason, Hoyt’s date from the other night shows up at his house with biscuits. Summer makes fun of Jessica – his ex – being a vampire and says that Hoyt is her boyfriend. Oh boy. This is moving way too fast for Hoyt and we can tell it.

What’s So Special about Sook?

Eric goes to Sophie-Anne and her human Hadley to find out why Sophie-Anne is so interested in Sookie. He threatens to drain Hadley if Sophie does not give him the answers he is looking for. When Hadley is near death, she whispers something to Eric. He heals Hadley with his blood and says “I certainly wasn’t expecting that.”

Recovery and Death

Alcide and Tara are in the front of the getaway truck while Sookie sits with Bill in the back. Sookie cuts her arm open with a saw and feeds her blood to Bill in order to heal him. Bill is so close to death that he is overwhelmed by her blood, attacking her and nearly draining her.

When they stop the truck for Alcide to relieve himself, Tara opens the back to check on Sookie. She’s nearly drained and unresponsive. Tara kicks Bill out into the sunlight and the pair take Sookie to the hospital.

The doctors tried to give Sookie universal blood, but she convulsed and rejected the blood. The doctor tells them that Sookie does not have a blood type, and that she has slipped into a coma.

Tara calls Jason to the hospital. Tara thinks that she has killed Bill by leaving him in the sun, but he seems unfazed and shows up at the hospital once it is dark.

Sookie dreams while she’s a coma a fairy-like reality. There is dancing, poofy dresses, and flower crowns. When Bill gets to the hospital, the fairy people freak out and hide. They warn Sookie to stay away from Bill.

Once everyone is assembled at the hospital, Bill asks Jason for permission to feed Sookie his blood and save her. Jason agrees and Bill feeds Sookie. She awakens and screams at the sight of Bill.

Turning of the Tables

We see the Magister continuing to torture Pam when Eric, Sophie-Anne, and Russell arrive. Eric declares his allegiance to Russell and confesses to the Magister that Sophie was the one giving orders to sell the vampire blood. Russell forces the Magister to officiate their wedding right then and there and overpowers him, pinning him to the same table he was torturing Pam on.

Russell tortures the Magister, gets married, and then cuts the Magister’s head off with a sword. It looks like Russell is the new voice of authority.

We saw quite a few deaths in this episode: Lorena, Coot, and the Magister. These three were pretty big players and I expect to see dynamics shift with their deaths. There are not as many people left that have hold over Bill, and this may cause more recklessness – especially with the interest that Eric, Sophie-Anne, and Russell have in Sookie.

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