This episode is full of consequences: those paying for transgressions and those paying for others’ sins.

Just One Bite

We open with the aftermath of Jason being locked in the freezer. The people he has been looking after for Crystal have tied him up. We quickly learn this was at the request of Felton and Crystal – who are back. Andy comes to the compound and nearly discovers Jason captive, but is placated with V and leaves. Crystal and Felton explain that they have him tied up because Crystal needs to make a baby with him. Jason isn’t following until Crystal says Felton and her have been trying, but he’s “shooting blanks.” They have a duty to their bloodline to keep making panthers, and Crystal must contribute by having a baby. The only part missing here that they quickly explain is that they must turn Jason into a panther first. The shot cuts away as Felton and Crystal turn into panthers and begin eating Jason.

The rift between Sookie’s desires and Eric’s grow as they discuss his ownership of her home and Sookie herself. Sookie even visits Bill to ask him to make Eric stand down. Even though Bill concedes that he is Eric’s king, he doesn’t have that kind of power over him and his personal belongings. Sookie asks how Bill became king, but amends her request by saying that she would regret asking: “If there’s one thing I learned from us being together, it’s that every time I found out something new about you, I ended up wishing I didn’t know it.”

New Revelations

When Sookie leaves, we get a flashback of Bill in London in 1982. Nan observes him drink from a human, glamour him, and release him. We learn that Nan recruited Bill back in 1982 by telling him their dream of Tru Blood and mainstreaming. Nan appointed Bill king of Louisiana after he helped her assassinate Sophie Anne so that he can infiltrate vampire government while upholding Nan and the AVL’s agenda. This is interesting new information. Bill has been in on it for quite a long time.

At Fangtasia, Pam keeps an eye on the anti-vampire protestors that stay outside. Hoyt gets pummeled by the protestors when he defends Jessica. The pair go home, get in a fight (again), and Jessica returns to Fangtasia and feeds on the man she saw while they were there prior.

Sam connects with Luna, one of the other shifters he hangs out with. Tommy tries to connect with Sam, who dismisses him. We do learn that Luna has turned into another person before, like the skinwalkers her Native American family has taught her about. Interesting revelation.

Arlene is still freaking out about Mikey’s paternal attributes, while Terry tries to calm her. As Arlene looks into Mikey’s eyes, a blood vessel in her eye pops. She’s convinced it is because of the evil that lives inside her child.

The Coven

Tara visits from New Orleans and surprises Sookie at her (Eric’s) home. The pair catch up and then Tara goes to see Lafayette. She accompanies Lafayette and Jesus to the coven.

Eric and Bill have a conversation about the coven. Bill reveals he has an inside source that knows they are necromancers that can raise (at least) birds back from the dead. This poses a threat to them, as vampires are dead. Bill puts Eric in charge of taking care of the situation.

When Eric arrives at the coven, he threatens their leader, Marnie. The coven performs a spell and Eric is affected. He races from the building.

While this is happening, Sookie is at Fangtasia trying to convince Pam to make Eric give her her home back. Pam makes it clear that she sides with Eric, and that with what Sookie is, she needs to be someone’s for her own protection. Sookie leaves and on her drive home, passes Eric walking on the side of the road. He doesn’t recognize her and looks weak. He asks Sookie why she smells so good.

It seems that the coven has erased his memory to protect themselves. We know he is still a vampire, as he can smell Sookie, but this doesn’t bode well.

This episode really developed some of the questions floating around in my mind. We learned how Bill rose to power and how long he has been involved with Nan and the AVL. We’ve learned that the coven’s necromancing powers looks to be this season’s conflict – and they are powerful.

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