We open this episode back where Sookie and Eric are making out. Things seem to be progressing but — oops, Bill shows up. Bill is fuming that Sookie has been housing Eric and lying to him about it. Eric acts like he is going to fight Bill, until he is told that Bill is his king. Eric goes with Bill into custody without a fight, honoring his place as subject.

Bill locks Eric up with Pam in the dungeon. The two discuss who Eric used to be. Pam seems upset that he is yielding to Bill when before he would have fought him. Eric tells Pam that he is not who he used to be. We see this to be completely true when Bill is granted the right to give Eric the true death because of the influence Marnie has over him. As he goes to plunge in the stake, Eric asks Bill to take care of Sookie and that he hopes they find their way back to one another because she deserves happiness. It seems that Bill realizes that Eric isn’t faking it and taps into some compassion.


Arlene and Terry wake to find their home on fire in the middle of the night. They search for Mikey to save him, but can’t find him. Terry evacuates everyone else just in time to see the house explode into a fiery inferno. But Mikey is okay, as the other children are holding him on the lawn. He was already outside, they say. Arlene is convinced that Rene’s ghost is trying to kill them, and she lets Sam and Andy know this too.

Sam is busy trying to save what he can of his burned rental houses. Tommy, still at Sam’s house mourning what he has become and how he murdered and disposed of his parents, learns that he can shift into other human beings. He morphs into Sam. Tommy as Sam goes to Merlotte’s and fires Sookie. When he returns home, Luna stops by and Tommy has sex with her masquerading as Sam. He kicks her out immediately after the deed. Boy, is Sam going to be confused and pissed.

Lafayette and Jesus discuss their problem with Jesus’ grandfather who is quite dismissive of them. He insists that he must have a sacrifice before performing any rituals. Jesus and Lafayette search the field outside, but Jesus insists that the sacrifice will come to them. Not long after, Jesus catches a rattlesnake. When they bring the snake inside, Jesus’ grandfather makes the snake bite Jesus and Lafayette is possessed by Tio Luca for a minute. The magic happening in this household seems powerful and dangerous. This could either really help them and release Eric, or be very damaging.


Sookie visits Jason when she cannot get ahold of him by calling over and over again. She finds that Jason has handcuffed himself to the bed in fear of the full moon that night. Sookie points out that if he was going to turn into a werepanther, he would come out of the handcuffs anyways. Jason sneaks off from Sookie’s babysitting as night falls and becomes scared in the woods alone.

Jessica feels his fear and comforts him. The two get a bit too cuddly and pull away, vowing to keep this from Hoyt. Jason realizes that he isn’t going to turn into a werepanther, and that the people of Hotshot did not know that you must be born a werepanther.

This is confirmed as Sookie searches the woods for Jason and happens upon Alcide and Debbie headed to a pack meeting. Alcide tells her you can only be born a werewolf, not made.

Eric, after his release, finds Sookie searching for Jason in the woods. It finally happens – they hook up!

The Magic Ramps Up

The last notable thing that happens this episode is that Marnie performs a blood ritual while she is in custody, summoning the spirit to take possession of her body. We learn more about the female spirit – that she was held in captivity during the Spanish Inquisition and that her captors drank from her and raped her. As she is being burned at the stake, Antonia forces one of the vampires to walk in the sun, killing him.

One of Bill’s employees goes down to see Marnie and Antonia has taken possession of Marnie’s body. Antonia tells him that he made a mess of her other body, but that she is back. It turns out that Bill’s guard was the man who raped and burned her. The vampire that she killed by performing spells to make him walk in the sun was this man’s maker. The animosity between the two is palpable, and this should be a serious showdown. The man is about to attack Antonia in Marnie’s body when she casts a spell on him, making him bow to her.

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