And die, they do. This episode boasts some of the most hard-hitting, numerous deaths there have ever been.

The episode opens with Lafayette and Jesus having breakfast. Lafayette is acting strange and Jesus doesn’t figure it out until the moment he says Lafayette’s name and Lafayette shakes his head no, plunging a pen into Jesus’ hand and making him scream out.

Sookie talks to Tara about whether Gran is in heaven or not. This will come into play later in the episode.

We see Sam at his brother’s grave, mourning in private. Maxine shows up and provides a bit of comfort. Sookie goes to Merlotte’s and sees Arlene. Sookie asks where Sam is and can hear Arlene thinking about how no one has told her. Sookie finds Sam in his office and gives her condolences about Tommy. Sam learns about the moment that Tommy fired Sookie when he was skinwalking. Sam tries to play it off, saying he wasn’t himself that day. Sookie is rehired.

Jason goes to see Hoyt at a job site and confesses that he slept with Jessica. Hoyt is furious and beats the living hell out of Jason.

Jesus is tied up by Lafayette and Marnie demands to have Jesus’ power. Jesus concedes as long as Marnie doesn’t hurt Lafayette. Lafayette stabs Jesus in the chest, taking Jesus’ demon into his body. Jesus whispers that he is sorry to Lafayette, as he knows that when this is over, Lafayette will have to live with the demon power in the future.

Tara drops by and finds Jesus’ dead body. I feel so bad for Lafayette at this point. He really deserves a happier story than all the sadness and destruction that falls around him. Now he’s lost his boyfriend because a spirit made him kill him.

Alcide drops by Merlotte’s and confesses his love to Sookie. He pleads with her to choose him. He explains that he is no longer with Debbie because Sookie was right about her.

Meanwhile, a stranger walks in who turns out to Marine Sergeant Patrick Devins that served with Terry. Patrick and Terry catch up and Terry introduces Arlene. Later in the episode, Arlene is visited by Rene’s spirit who warns her that Terry’s past is dark and will catch up to them soon.

Holly and Sookie discuss how they’ve felt nervous all day just as Tara drives up and says that Marnie is inside Lafayette. The three go to Bill’s place where Bill and Eric are chained up and about to be burned at the stake. Lafayette says that “what goes around comes around.”

Holly, Tara, and Sookie cast a spell that makes all the spirits of the deceased in the cemetery rise up and help them. Antonia blows out the fire and says she has come to take Marnie home. Gran shows up as well and helps them save Bon Temps. Gran pulls Marnie from Lafayette and takes her spirit away.

Jessica shows up at Jason’s and learns of his beating by Hoyt. The two are not too discouraged and make some clear friends with benefits boundaries. Jessica isn’t ready to get serious yet. After Jessica leaves, there’s a knock on the door. Jason opens the door to see vampire Reverend Newlin there, fangs exposed.

Tara tries to help Lafayette understand that it wasn’t him that killed Jesus, but Lafayette is hurting. We can see it. In the middle of the night, Jesus’ spirit appears to Lafayette. Jesus tells him it wasn’t his fault and that he will always be with him, as he’s a medium. This seems to comfort Lafayette as much as it can.

Both Eric and Bill feed on Sookie to heal. She explains to both of them that she cannot choose between them and breaks up with both of them.

We see Sam and Luna having an intimate kiss on his porch. When Luna leaves, Sam turns to see a snarling wolf. Uh oh.

One of Alcide’s employees calls him to a job site. Alcide figures out that the employee has been glamoured. There is displaced concrete with loose chains inside of it. Is this the return of Russell?

Nan arrives at Bill’s house where she, Bill, and Eric discuss how she was fired from the AVL and the Authority and how she wants to rebel against them. She reveals that there are bounties on all three of their heads. Nan calls Eric and Bill Sookie’s puppy dogs and they stake her.

Sookie returns home and calls out for Tara. Sookie turns around and comes face to face with Debbie pointing a shotgun at her. Just as Debbie pulls the trigger, Tara jumps in front of Sookie. The shot seems to strike Tara’s head. Sookie wrestles the gun from Debbie and shoots her in the head.

Sookie sits with a very limp, bleeding Tara in her lap and screams for help.

How will Jason deal with vampire Newlin?

Will Sam have to answer the wolf community for Marcus’ death?

Will Lafayette be able to heal from the trauma of killing Jesus?

Is Russell going to kill some of our favorite characters upon his return?

Will there be consequences for Nan’s death? What about the bounty on Eric and Bill’s heads?

How will Alcide feel when he finds out about Debbie’s death?

Is Tara truly gone? How will Sookie deal with this?

This episode gave us explosive deaths at an unparalleled level. RIP Jesus, Nan, Debbie, and Tara.

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