This episode of Wheel of Time was not exactly a nonstop thrill ride. Save for when Lan had his shirt off, it was rather dull. 

We start with a bit of excitement. While most of our team is heading into the Waygate, Matt’s made an executive decision. The Waygate doesn’t pass his vibe check, and he’s not going in. 

With nothing else to do, the crew has to move forward. But when they reach the Waystone where they’d intended to exit, they find it damaged. They decide to camp there for the night. 

Of course, this is a big mistake. Darkness comes upon them in the night and starts whispering to them. Each person hears their own worst thoughts repeated back to them. Nynaeve and Moiraine manage to fight it off, and the team escapes.

They find themselves in a desert land, that turns out to be Lan’s homeland. Moiraine tells them that in the morning they’re going to the Eye of The World. Whichever among them is the Dragon Reborn will have to face the Dark One. 

The others are going to die. 

After dropping that info on them, Moiraine heads off to bed. 

And after that, not a lot happens. There’s a lot of relationship talking between Rand and Egwene. Then Nyneave and Lan. 

This is the episode that took the story on a wildly different path than the books. A whole bunch of this episode either was way out of place or new to me. And not all for the better. Honestly, if you’re going to add new content, at least it could be interesting content. 

At the very least, at the end of the episode, there’s a delightful reveal. We’re finally told who the real Dragon Reborn is. And it’s exactly who you’d think it is. 

We were also introduced to a fan-favorite character from the book, Min. She’s exactly as sassy and smart as she was in the book. So that was great.

This episode of Wheel of Time wasn’t a total write-off. There was some good content, some character growth. But there could have been so much more! So much time was wasted with characters staring at each other, having boring conversations in low voices. 

But next week is the season finale. So I imagine it will make up for the lack of excitement this week. 

I hope. 

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