While I do love this episode of Dexter, New Blood, I have one large complaint. They’ve ruined the song Runaway forever. 

We start with Dex and Angela down in the cave, investigating the long-dead body of her friend. Dexter, who hasn’t lost a beat, goes right into forensics genius mode. And he finds a chunk of flesh wedged in Iris’s teeth.

After checking, it’s a match for Kurt. No one’s surprised.

Angela throws Kurt in jail and goes to tell Iris’s mother. This leads to a scene that had me in tears. And that’s hard to do. Iris’s tribe comes together to support her in her moment of need. They bring food and come to keep her company as she grieves for her daughter. There must have been some sliver of hope, all of those years, that her child might have come home to her. That hope is gone now, the last spark finally extinguished. It’s a quick scene, but all the more powerful for its brevity.

It ensures that we want to see Kurt pay for what he’s done. For all of the girls he’s killed. For all of the parents who hang onto that false hope that their children might someday come back to them.

But it’s revealed in this episode that it might not have been Kurt after all. He tells the police a horror story about his father. About how he picked Iris up and tried to take her home. When she ran away from him, he shot her in the back.

I don’t know how much I believe this story. But even if it’s 100% real, I don’t give a shit. It by no means excuses the murders Kurt’s committed.

But if things look bad for him, it’s nothing to what things look like for Dexter. Molly and Angela get to talking about him. They start putting together bits of stories that don’t fit. Molly points out that Dexter saved her from Kurt, but how did he know she needed saving? These women are smart, and they solve murder puzzles for a living. How long will it be until they figure this one out? How long after that until Molly starts to realize this feels familiar. Very much like the Bay Harbor Butcher, who she’s done a podcast about. 

This episode is ramping up fast. The next one’s the day after Christmas. A late gift we can all unwrap together. 

See you then.

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