Dexter is growing as a person, learning lessons. Well, at least some lessons. Others he has to learn over and over.

After Jason called Luman and threatened her, Dexter isn’t taking any chances. He sent Harrison to visit Astor and Cody, getting him out of the way so that he and Luman can hunt in peace.

They start by tracking down the first victim, a woman named Emily. At first, she doesn’t want to talk to them. And who could blame her? It seems that she was the first of the horrible sorority of the barrel girls. Those aren’t memories one wants to revisit.

At the office, Dexter finds out the terrible news. The police found a collection of DVDs at Cole’s house. They are videos of every one of the guy’s victims. This is some incredibly disturbing content. Content that Lumen is in.

Dexter manages to sneak out the DVD that contained Lumen’s video. He brings it home, which at first seems like a mistake. That’s probably the last thing Lumen needs to see, but how could she not watch it.

As it turns out, she has another reason for wanting it. She takes it to Emily, playing some of it to gain her sympathy. And it works. Emily gives her the name of the final guy, Alex Tilden. 

Alex is played by Scott Grimes, Gorden from The Orville. He’s great, but this was a moment of miscasting. He is just too sweet to imagine him brutalizing someone. 

But that’s not the attraction of this episode. That’s Jason. He is, without a doubt, the evilest son of a bitch Dexter’s ever gone up against. He’s threatened Dexter and his family, and he did so in such a simple, easy way. One thing we realize about Jason is this. He is perfectly accustomed to getting exactly what he wants.

Fortunately, not only is Dexter on his case, so is Deb and the rest of the precinct. One way or another, Jason’s not going to last much longer. 

I cannot wait to see him get the exact bloody end he deserves.

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