We open with Marnie-as-Antonia escaping after having her easily turned vampire minion kill the guard that was holding her. She leaves him with a message for Bill: “It is Antonia Gavilan. And I am returned.”

The minion delivers this message to Bill as well as a bullet in the stomach. As Bill stakes the vampire, he whispers “resurrection.” This can’t be good.

Bill recognizes the seriousness of this situation and calls for an order that many are not a fan of. They must evacuate a large area of nearby states and the vampires staying must chain and silver themselves during the day so they are not forced to walk into the sunlight and fry.

We get some really great scenes that show us just how painful it is to silver oneself. The moaning and groaning that we watch Jessica and Eric go through in particular is brutal. Sookie silvers Eric with chains and it hurts her heart to see him go through it. She stays by his bedside to comfort him.

When Bill silvers Jessica, he takes it easy on her as he can see how much pain she is in as he lays thick chains on her wrists and ankles. He decides that just a few are enough for her, as he can’t bear to put her through any more. This proves to be a mistake when Marnie-as-Antonia casts her spell to make them walk in the sunlight and Jessica escapes her chains.


We see the impact of social media and media coverage on the vampire plight. Pam attacks Tara and Naomi, but is stopped from killing them when a group outside Merlotte’s begins filming her doing dastardly deeds. This saves Tara and Naomi’s lives. Tara sends Naomi back to New Orleans to try and save her life.

Tara is very upset and walks down the dark street with a bottle of alcohol. Marnie-as-Antonia happens upon her and asks Tara to join her in fight to make vampires meet the sun. Tara agrees. Tara recruits others like Holly to help the mission as well.

Pam attempts to regain her appearance by taking multiple injections a day. Ick. She is straight up looking like a piece of bologna.


At Jesus’ grandfather’s place it is becoming clearer that Lafayette is a medium and that Tio Luca’s visit in his body was a way to prove this. Lafayette begins seeing this young woman, who I would assume brings a message. We just don’t know what she wants or what that message may be yet. The woman does appear to be speaking to Mikey, Arlene’s baby that she’s convinced is Rene reincarnated to kill her. I guess we will see how this heats up.

Sam takes Tommy to the emergency room, but everything seems to be fine with him. It eventually comes out in a talk with Luna that Tommy was able to skin-walk. Sam kicks Tommy out of his house.

The episode ends as Jessica kills a guard, escapes the cell where she and Bill locked themselves in, and opens the front door of the home to the sunlight. We get to see just how powerful Antonia is and how compelling the spell is, making vampires HAVE TO walk into the sun.

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