Sometimes even when you see something coming, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. That’s how I felt about this episode. I knew a character was going to die. It wasn’t a hard guess. But I’m still sad.

But we’ll get to that.

Isaak’s in a lot of trouble this episode. His brotherhood has turned against him, and they want him dead. So they send two hitmen after him. Isaak knows that he’s going to need help if he’s to survive. 

So for some monumentally stupid reason, he goes to Dexter.

Dexter sends him packing, because why in the hell would he save someone who’s actively trying to kill him? He’s not that much of a hero, anti or not. So Isaak decides to kidnap Hannah and hold her hostage to force Dexter to help.

Hannah’s not exactly the innocent girlfriend. I’m a little more concerned about Jurg, who’s holding her. Especially when she offers to cook for him. 

A fight ensues that leaves Jurg dead and Hannah bleeding out on the floor. Fortunately, Deb shows up just in time to piss on Hannah while she’s dying. No, she saves her life.

Dexter, meanwhile, is trying to keep Isaak alive. He manages to take out one hitman, then lures the second onto a ship, where Isaak is waiting. They handle him as well. Of course, they were just hitmen. They weren’t the real threat. That’s Novikov, the manager of the Foxhole strip club.

The same asshole who, earlier in the episode, forced detective Quinn’s girlfriend to have sex with him. Quinn responded by throwing him through a glass window at the club. This was a wonderful moment, but it was also upsetting. I wouldn’t want to be around all that broken glass with my goodies out. The strippers are, as always, the real victims here. 

I only wish the throw would have killed him. Or, at least incapacitated him so he couldn’t come onto the boat, and shoot Isaak. 

Poor Isaak is with his love, at least. It was such a sweet, sad love story. They were both such cold psychos though, so in the end, it’s probably best that they’re together in death and not life.

I admire Deb for saving Hannah. It’s more than she wanted to do, certainly, and more than Hannah deserves. I’m just worried that before this season is out, we’re all going to wish she’d have just let the bitch die.

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