We open with Jason saving Jessica from walking out into the sun at the behest of Antonia’s spell. Jessica seems that she is about to kill Jason when the spell breaks as Antonia finishes casting it. Jessica feels ashamed that she nearly harmed Jason and is taken aback when she finds out she also killed the guard downstairs after escaping her chains.

Jessica returns home and breaks up with Hoyt. It is quite the explosion, and Jessica moves quickly on to Jason. Jason has issues with this understandably. Hoyt is his best friend and Jessica just broke his heart. Jessica is punished for her actions as both Hoyt and Jason rescind their invitations to their homes and Jessica is thrown out abruptly.

Alcide and Debbie go to the pack meeting where Marcus says that the pack is to stay out of vampire issues to protect themselves.

Sam visits Luna and her daughter, swearing that Tommy is out of his life. As the trio is chilling, Marcus busts in unannounced.

We finally learn that Marcus is Luna’s daughter’s father, so this complicates the interpersonal relationships we have been seeing. I imagine that Marcus and Sam may get into it in their animal forms and that will be an interesting fight to watch.

Antonia’s spell has only forced one vampire to walk into the sun and explode. She is furious. Bill’s decree stopped her huge plans, but she has no idea of this detail. Antonia goes to Bill and they agree to meet at midnight at the cemetery.

Sookie and Eric get high on each other’s blood and trip balls. After they are done doing that, they go to Bill and volunteer themselves to fight by his side for the vampires and their safety. At the meeting in the cemetery, neither Bill nor Antonia come alone. Sookie is taken aback when Tara is on Antonia’s side.

Tommy continues to skinwalk and steals clothing from Maxine’s house. He shifts into Maxine and meets with the salesman that came to the door before, trying to get the money for the gas that is rightfully Maxine’s. Tommy does get some money, but it isn’t as much as he hoped.

The spirit that is following Mikey shows itself to Lafayette again. We learn that the spirit had a baby with a white man who murdered the baby to protect himself. The spirit finds out about the murder of her baby when she returns from the store with a doll for the child – the same doll Mikey has been playing with. The spirit shows up at Lafayette’s home and enters his body. Lafayette as the spirit goes to Terry and Arlene’s home, takes Andy’s gun from his side while he’s sleeping on the couch, and takes Mikey from his crib.

Back at the cemetery, the battle begins when Sookie hears Antonia casting a spell in her mind. Sookie gets shot in the stomach as the fight continues. Neither Eric nor Bill can go to her, but Alcide shows up and swoops Sookie away in his arms. Debbie in wolf form watches this happen. She is going to be absolutely livid after watching Alcide get caught up in Sookie again.

The episode ends with Antonia casting a spell on Eric and taking control of him. The final image is Antonia with her hand on Eric’s head as he bows before her.

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