If you’re a fan of earworms, Dexter S8 E9 is just made for you. The rest of us can be forgiven for being a little done with this song by the end of it.

The last episode ended with poor Zach meeting his end at the Brain Surgeon. But Zach was clever. He managed to rip out some of his killer’s hair and stick it under his work table with blood. Dexter runs a test on it and finds that whoever the Brain Surgeon is, they’re related to Dr. Vogel. Specifically, it’s her child.

Dr. Vogel then reveals a herefore unknown family tale. She had two sons, both of whom she believes are dead. Her older son, Daniel, murdered his little brother then died in a fire in a mental ward.

At least, she thought he died. As Dexter points out, it’s an easy thing to fake if you’re clever.

Vogel doesn’t want Dexter to kill her son, of course. But Dexter doesn’t think there’s another option.

While all this is going on, Hannah’s facing her issues. A marshal is hunting her, checking in on Dexter at work, and harassing Hannah’s old friend. Dexter has to find somewhere safe for Hannah to hide. That turns out to be Deb’s place.

I mean, who in their right mind would think to check there?

Deb’s not thrilled with this at first. But it seems that they might bond. Deb even eats something Hannah made. After making some of the funniest faces I have ever seen.

Hannah taken care of, Dexter goes back to his hunt for Daniel. Who happens to also be Oliver, the guy Cassie was dating. The guy who killed Cassie. He talks Vogel into meeting with Daniel, then drugs her before the meeting is to take place.

Dexter goes alone, planning to take Daniel out. But Daniel spots him and leaves him in the dust.

Fearful that Daniel might blame Vogel, Dexter races to her home. She’s fine but furious. Dexter’s pretty mad, too. He declares that he will kill Daniel, then take Hannah and Harrison away to live together as a family.

No one thinks that’s going to happen. 

Vogel all but adopted Dexter because she missed her sons. Now that she has one of them back, she’s dropped Dex fast. Guess we’ll see how he handles that.

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