In this episode, we see more what-ifs emerge from the conclusion of this season than answered questions. Sometimes it really do be like that.

Trueblood S5E12 the fairies in their clubhouse facing Russell

Fairy Land Catastrophe

We start this episode with the fairies blasting Russell with light to keep him away from the clubhouse. It clearly isn’t working as Russell cackles and walks closer. Eric appears out of nowhere with Nora and stakes Russell. Eric has to hold Nora back from eating Sookie because she smells so good.

Trueblood S5E12 Russell exploding as Eric stakes him

Jason wakes up after the blast of light knocked him through the air and into the woods. He begins to see visions of his parents and he most definitely has a concussion.

Trueblood S5E12 Sookie and Jason in the store with their mother standing behind them as a vision

Sam is brought to Bill to be eaten for breakfast and the two have a face-off that ends with Sam shifting into a fly and getting away. Bill informs the AVL guards that they have been infiltrated and makes them try to hunt down Sam.

Trueblood S5E12 Bill speaking to the AVL guards

Eric and the crew returns to Fangtasia where Tara informs him that they got Pam. We know that Pam and Jessica are prisoners in the basement of the AVL. The crew heads to break them out and take down some vampire scum. Eric and Sookie resolve to save Bill from his crazy nest-fueled ideas.

Trueblood S5E12 Nora, Eric, and Tara at Sookie's home

Jason is still seeing visions of his dead parents and is wracked by the pain that a vampire murdered them. He says some pretty problematic things about killing all the vampires if they need to, even their friends, but doesn’t in the end.

Escape Plan

Sam flies back to Luna in the prison and tells her his plan. Luna skinwalks as Steve Newlin and takes Emma to escape as Sam – as a fly – takes a ride on her shoulder. Just as Luna as Steve is about to get on the elevator, Rosalyn appears and cusses him up and down for the release of the video of he and Russell slaughtering a frat house.

Rosalyn takes Luna as Steve to give a press conference to calm the general population, but halfway through, Luna shifts back into herself and tells the world the truth about the AVL and all of their secrets and dastardly ways. Fly Sam flies into Rosalyn’s mouth and shifts, exploding her all over the room.

Addictions and Its Vices

Alcide and his father are alarmed when Martha drives up with a crazed Rikki in the back seat. J.D. has been force feeding the wolves vampire blood and now Rikki is detoxing. Alcide and his father take a bit of V and head over to face off with J.D. Alcide takes control and kills J.D., becoming the packmaster again.

Trueblood S5E12 Alcide holding back Rikki

Andy brings the very pregnant Maurella to speak with him and Holly. As he confesses to Holly, Maurella goes into labor. She has four twin girls and tells Andy good luck before leaving. Yowza. Holly is very understandably furious.

Trueblood S5E12 Holly helping Maurella give birth

Eric and Nora return to the AVL with Sookie, Jason, and Tara gagged in the back of the truck as if they are prisoners. Bill lets them in even though he sees Sookie with them.

Trueblood S5E12 Sookie, Tara, and Jason tied up in the back of the truck

Salome goes to Lilith’s blood and drinks the entire vial. It turns out that Bill poisoned the blood with silver and took the real blood into a separate vial for himself. Bill stakes Salome.

The Beginning of the End

Sookie, Jason, Eric, Nora, and Tara fight their way into the AVL and kill the guards, making their way to the holding cells. Sookie and Tara free Jessica and Pam. Tara and Pam make out – FINALLY. Yes, yes, yes. Knew it. Eric and Sookie push everyone else into the elevator and tell them to go. They are going to get Bill before leaving.

Trueblood S5E12 The crew enters the AVL guns drawn

Just as Bill is about to drink the vial of Lilith’s blood, Eric and Sookie appear in the doorway. Sookie emotionally pleads with Bill to no avail. He quotes the vampire bible and drinks the vial of blood.

Trueblood S5E12 Eric and Sookie look on as Bill transforms

Bill melts into the floor and it looks like he is dead until he rises from the floor covered in blood, a la Lilith. Bill shows his fangs and Eric screams “Run!”

Trueblood S5E12 Bill as a male Lilith

This episode boasted a high body count but didn’t close out many of our burning questions. Bill actually believes in Lilith and is the new villian? Who knew Eric would be the good guy and Bill would turn out to be the villain. Will Sam, Luna, and Emma get out alive? Will Luna have adverse effects from skinwalking once again? There is a lot of potential here for a high death count at the beginning of season six and I can’t wait to see it through. We are almost there with only two season left. Hang on for the ride.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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