We open this episode with Tara at Sookie’s neck. Lafayette attempts to help, but Tara flings him away. Pam gives a little help and commands that Tara not bite “these two humans.” Sookie and Lafayette follow Tara into the house and she is in the kitchen absolutely wrecking everything. Tara is definitely not happy that she’s a vampire. They try to get Tara to drink Tru Blood, but she isn’t having it and runs upstairs to destroy more of Sookie’s property.

Bill and Eric meet the Authority and are tortured for information. The interrogators lie to them, saying the other has turned on them, and that Nora has met the true death to get to what they know. When the pair won’t reveal anything even when tortured with light and silver, the Authority brings them to their death sentencing, where they see that Nora is not dead, but is awaiting her own punishment.

Meanwhile, Pam goes back to Fangtasia and tries calling Eric again. She is getting very distressed. Finally, we get to see some flashbacks from Pam and how she met Eric. We see Pam running a brothel in San Francisco 1905, giving out cocaine to her whores and even discovering one dead. It truly seems like Pam has never had a heart.

Pam walks down an alley where a man tries to rape her. Eric swoops in and murders the rapist. He is impressed that Pam is not afraid of him and he speeds away. It’s finally nice to know the origin of this relationship and how long they’ve been together.

Terry is acting weirdly, lashing out at Arlene and losing his temper. Arlene goes to see Patrick to find answers, but Patrick doesn’t reveal any of what he knows. Terry interrupts and tells Arlene to leave. Arlene asserts that they better figure it out because she has children she will protect. Terry reveals to Patrick that someone from their brigade that Patrick thought was dead isn’t and is probably the one responsible for the fires.

Sam is back at Luna’s place when Martha – Marcus’ mom – shows up uninvited. Luna tells her to get lost, and Martha gives Luna a speech about how Emma is going to need a pack. Martha says she can feel that Emma is a wolf. Sam agrees with Martha and Luna kicks both of them to the curb. Luna hears scuttling in Emma’s bedroom and walks in to see a wolf in Emma’s clothing.

Lafayette and Sookie trick Tara into drinking on Lafayette to put chains around her neck and put her into the cubbyhole so that she doesn’t die in the daytime. Sookie goes shopping for anti-vampire mist to try and keep Tara secure in the house. This doesn’t work too well when Tara runs from the house, is sprayed with liquid silver, and still escapes.

Andy and Jason stumble upon Debbie’s abandoned car with V inside. I am so proud of Andy when he gives the V to Jason and doesn’t surrender to his past.

Newlin drops by Jessica’s and tries to pay her for Jason. Jessica toys with him a bit but ultimately tells Newlin to get lost.

When we return to Bill and Eric with the Authority, we see them bargain for their lives. They reveal that Russell Edgington is alive and a threat once more. The Authority is enraged that Eric and Bill did not kill Russell when they said they did, but exchange their help taking care of Edgington for their lives (for now).

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