We open this episode with Tara and her struggle to understand who she is now. She escaped Sookie’s house and now she runs around the woods at night. Tara happens upon a broken down motorist and Tara attacks her, almost eating her until she gets a glimpse at herself in the window. Tara apologizes to the woman and runs to Merlotte’s. Tara asks Sam for help and he gives it. Sam feeds her a ton of Tru Blood and doesn’t ask for too much of an explanation.

Meanwhile, Sookie and Lafayette search for Tara. Sookie goes to Fangtasia and asks Pam to summon Tara. When she refuses, Sookie blasts her with her light hands and leaves. Pam is pretty embarrassed to be tossed around in her own club.

Sookie goes to see Sam and discovers that he is lying about not seeing Tara last night. Tara is closed off in the walk-in freezer as it was the only light tight place Sam could think of.

The Authority gives Bill and Eric the chance to bring in Russell; however, to protect themselves, they make Bill and Eric wear iStakes – a device that looks like a harness and can stake a vampire remotely. This is some great insurance the Authority is investing in.

Newlin enters the Authority’s boardroom and Roman appoints him “the new Nan.”

A photo of Andy naked in Holly’s bed is making its rounds thanks to her teenager boys. Andy confronts Holly with it after being joked about all over town. Holly apologizes profusely.

Jason runs into one of his old teachers at the grocery store. They meet up at her place and we understand that the two had a fling when Jason was still her student. They sleep together again and Jason becomes regretful afterwards, leaving abruptly.

We learn of a very interesting connection between Eric and Pam and Bill and Lorena. We flashback to Pam’s brothel – the brothel where she’d previously found one of her prostitutes drained and dead. It turns out that Bill and Lorena are responsible for killing Pam’s women. Eric comes to Pam’s rescue and stops Bill and Lorena from draining another one of her girls. After Eric kicks Bill and Lorena out, Pam demands $500 for each girl they killed. Eric and Pam make out. I’ve always known they had the hots for their own power.

After Eric and Pam sleep together, Pam asks him to turn her. When he won’t, Pam slits her wrists and says that he can either turn her or watch her die. We know how that ends. It was really a shocker to see how deeply connected Eric and Bill are and I even gasped out loud. I love getting to see the background so much more.

Debbie’s parents ask Alcide if he knows anything about Debbie’s disappearance because he may have been the last one to see her alive. Debbie’s father gets quite aggressive, but Alcide handles it well. He tells them that Debbie is back on V and that he abjured her.

Andy questions Sookie about Debbie’s disappearance as her car was found near Sookie’s house. Andy seems onto them and this scares Lafayette. Sookie doesn’t seem too bothered, but we know there is still evidence of the murder that took place in her kitchen. Remember – she kicked that tooth under the fridge.

Salome at the Authority headquarters sleeps with both Bill and Eric, seemingly to find out if they are lying about their beliefs. She tells Roman they are not lying and are not fundamentalists. Fundamentalists – like Russell Edgington – believe that humans are nothing but food and should be bred as such. They do not believe in mainstreaming. You can see how this could be harmful to the Authority, whose goal is complete integration.

Meanwhile, Nora is being tortured and admits to being Sanguinista (a fundamentalist).

Jessica is at a store trying on some dresses to impress Jason and smells a man who stops by to get clothes for his girlfriends. She chases after him, saying that his blood smells amazing, but loses him in the woods. Jessica goes to Jason’s house and he tries to kick her out, saying that he is filling a void in his heart with sex. Jessica offers to change into sweats and stay as a friend.

Sookie tells Alcide that she murdered Debbie. He doesn’t take it too well – mostly because Sookie was lying to him, not because Debbie is dead.

Lafayette snaps at Arlene in the kitchen and grabs a gallon of bleach. He pours it into the gumbo he is making and the devil from Jesus appears on his face. When Lafayette realizes what he’s done, he trashes the soup.

This episode ends with Tara running from Merlotte’s and breaking into a tanning salon. She gets inside and turns the bed up. Pam senses this.

Pam is going to have to take charge of teaching Tara how to act soon or she will be successful in her suicide.

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