Boy was this episode all over the dang place. It skipped around and felt disjointed, but it did yield some interesting insights about the characters of Bon Temps.

Sookie and Bill’s Break-up

We open with Sookie screaming at the sight of Bill. She calms down and asks to speak with Bill alone. The crew is upset about this, but honors her wish. Bill and Sookie break up, as Sookie realizes that she can never have what she wants from being with a vampire. I think she probably could have realize this two seasons ago, but go on.

Bill returns home from his break-up to a Jessica that’s very happy he’s home. Bill says he releases her and wants her to move out. Jessica resists, telling Bill about how she drained someone while he was away and how she won’t leave because she isn’t prepared.

Bill accepts this, and later in the episode is training her how to fight. He acknowledges that she needs to know how to fight well because werewolves may very well come after Sookie and they need to be able to protect her.

Jason attempts to get Sookie to press charges on Bill, but she does not want to. Jason vows to get revenge on Bill and is later seen in the episode with his arsenal of weapons from the Fellowship of the Sun.

In the Mississippi Palace

At Russell’s home, Sophie-Anne moves in. She has a large amount of exotic birds interestingly enough. Talbot isn’t too happy about Sophie moving in, but Russell replies that of course she’d move in, she’s his wife. Talbot is none too excited, especially after Russell tells him he killed the Magister. This relationship is not going well…

Debbie shows up in Russell’s office and asks permission to go after Sookie and the ones who killed Coot. Russell consults with Eric, who says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea as Sookie is valuable. Russell questions Eric’s loyalty, but Eric puts on a good show to prove he is faithful.


Tara and Lafayette bond over trauma. Lafayette asks Tara what happened to her, but she isn’t ready to discuss it. She is still having dreams of Franklin and is afraid. Lafayette just makes sure that Tara isn’t suicidal, to which Tara replies that she’s sure she wants to live. Almost being turned into a vampire against your will kind of does that to you I guess.

Lafayette comes home later in the episode to find his mother yelling on his porch about protecting him from vampires and witches because there is a power inside him. Everyone seems to think that Lafayette’s mother is insane, but I think there’s something to this. She may have intuitions that no one else does.

Jesus shows up to take Lafayette’s mom back to the care facility and the two seem to reconcile.

What Is She?

Crystal shows up at Jason’s doorstep with a black eye and soaking wet so that “they couldn’t track her scent.” She demands to borrow his truck, but Jason wants an explanation first. Crystal explains that she’s been promised to Felton since she was four years old and that this is the way things are done in their parish. Felton punched her when she said she wasn’t going to marry him. Jason doesn’t let her have his truck, but promises that he will protect her. I don’t know what this girl is, but the people she runs with are certainly something. I just don’t know what yet.

Later on, Crystal’s father and Felton show up at Merlotte’s looking for her and Sam kicks them out.

Jason goes to Crystal’s house and threatens the two with a shotgun. Jason always knows how to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong.

The Message

Eric grabs Hadley at Russell’s home and tells her to give Sookie a message. Hadley arrives at Sookie’s house where she learns that Gran isn’t alive anymore. Hadley tells Sookie that Russell is coming for her and not to trust Bill.

As Talbot continues to mope around Russell’s mansion, Eric insists he keep him company and cheer him up. There is certainly sexual tension here, but I’m thinking it is all to give Eric the upper hand in destroying Russell and all he loves. This is certainly confirmed later when Eric and Talbot are in the throes of passion privately.

Eric stakes Talbot and Russell can feel it as he and Bill have it out in Bon Temps. This probably saves Bill’s life – and Jessica’s too – as the pair fight Russell and some werewolves with Sookie at her home.

Sookie has the opportunity to kill Debbie, but lets her escape.

We end the episode with Bill and Sookie having rough make-up sex. As if this would go any other way…

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