The gang has found Russell Edgington and are able to subdue him when the Authority busts in and takes it from there, bringing Russell into capture. During the fight with Russell, there are wolves hopped up on V, and Alcide sees that they are ones from the pack he and Debbie were a part of. This displeases him enough to confront the new packmaster and demand that he be the pack leader. Alcide challenges the new pack master to a fight to determine who should lead the pack.

TrueBlood S5E6 J.D. gropes a woman

Bill and Eric are welcomed into the Authority’s lounge with a big hoorah for capturing Russell. Roman pours special blood for toasts and declares that they will execute Russell tonight.

TrueBlood S5E6 Salome and Roman standing together

Questionable Actions

Eric asks to see Nora in her cell. Nora is spouting religious nonsense and gets excited when she hears that Russell is being executed tonight. Eric notices that this seems backwards and realizes that something strange is going on. Nora wouldn’t want Russell executed – they are both Sanguinista and allies.

TrueBlood S5E6 Roman getting ready to stake Russell who kneels on the floor

When Roman brings Russell out for execution, he has gotten loose from his iStake and attacks Roman, staking him and causing a big mess. Russell is free – here we go again. I can’t wait to see how Bill and Eric try to fix this one. Who is in on Russell’s agenda? It sure looks like Salome and Nora are partners.

TrueBlood S5E6 Salome congratulating Eric and Bill

Proud Mama

Back at Fangtasia, Jessica and Tara fight until Pam breaks it up. Pam makes it clear to Tara that this is her bar and her rules, though she does mention being proud of Tara’s fighting skills.

TrueBlood S5E6 Jessica and Tara staring each other down

Hoyt thinks that Jessica still has feelings for him because of her outburst at Tara. Jessica makes it clear that she doesn’t, and it destroys Hoyt all over again.

TrueBlood S5E6 Hoyt and Jessica staring in each other's eyes

Hoyt goes out back behind Fangtasia and lets a vampire drink from him. The group of shooters that shot Sam and Luna drive by and shoot the vampire Hoyt is with and abduct him.

TrueBlood S5E6 Hoyt in the alleyway after being drank from by a vampire

Sam and Luna are both not dead! I am very surprised because it looked like Luna died right there on the lawn. The pair are in the hospital when Martha and Emma show up. Luna agrees to let Martha be in her granddaughter’s life. They seem to be getting to a good place as a grandmother and ex-daughter-in-law.

The Past Comes Forward

Terry and Patrick watch as Ifrit kills their friend and comes after them. Terry resolves that he must leave from the lives of those around him so that when Ifrit comes for him, only he is killed. Terry tries to break up with Arlene and explains what’s going on. Arlene just thinks he is off his meds and insists he get help.

Jason sees a vision of his father and resolves to find out the vampire who murdered his parents. He tells Sookie about this, but Sookie doesn’t believe him until they visit Hadley at the fairy bar and she confirms what Jason is saying. Claudette’s brother explains that the vampire stopped her parents while they were driving because he smelled Sookie’s blood on a bandage in the back seat of the vehicle. Sookie is most definitely going to start blaming herself for what happened to her parents. I am very excited for Jason and Sookie to get to the bottom of this because the murderer could be someone they know.

TrueBlood S5E6 Sookie and Jason with Hadley at the fairy club

Lafayette visits his mother and learns that she is also a medium and that she saw the same vision of Jesus that he did. It’s nice to know that these attributes can be genetic in this world.

TrueBlood S5E6 Lafayette with his mother at the facility she stays at

Sam speaks with Andy and insists that the shooters are committing hate crimes and demands that Andy help him find the guys. Andy goes to the vampire hunting shop that Sookie went to a couple episodes back. Sam enters the store separately from Andy and saves his life just as the shopkeeper pulls a gun on Andy.

This episode was a high energy one that I could not look away from!

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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