Sins of The Father

Spoiler alert! 

By now, I imagine that most of you either saw the finale of Dexter New Blood or heard the absolute uproar online. And I’m sure that this won’t be the only review today that says what I’m about to say. 

Dexter from New Blood Sins of The Father.

This ending was a betrayal of the fanbase and the characters. 

Let’s discuss.

We begin this train wreck with Dexter thinking warm, loving things about his neighbors. They’re coming together to help him recover from the fire that burned down his cabin. He’s content, but sad because he knows he’ll have to leave. He and Harrison will have to leave.

That plan is put on hold when Angela finds something hidden in the remains of the cabin. The pin from Matt’s remains. 

Strange how she found that small pin in that massive pile of burning. But whatever. She’s had the luck of a god so far, I guess we’re just going to go with it. 

Angela confronts Dexter and arrests him. Any love or affection she might have felt for him is long gone. And once she’s got him in custody, she just keeps right on digging. Soon enough, she puts together that he is, in fact, the Bay Harbor Butcher. Angela threatens him with extradition to Florida, a state that has the death penalty. 

Dexter has no intention of leaving Harrison alone. He tries at first to tell Angela about the bodies in Kurt’s basement. When that’s not enough, he has to take drastic measures. 

Unfortunately, that drastic measure is Dexter crossing a line he has never once crossed before. He kills an innocent person to escape.

He plans to leave town with Harrison. But Harrison has come to a revelation. He’s realized that Dexter is just as bad as the people he’s killed.

I would argue that fact, but I guess that’s what we’re going with? 

In an echo of the past, Harrison screams at his father, “Open your eyes and look at what you’ve done!”

And Dexter, realizing that Harrison will never be free so long as he’s alive, tells him to shoot him.

Angela in Dexter New Blood Sins of The Father.

There were so many other ways this could have ended. I don’t just mean that Dexter shouldn’t have died. I knew from episode one that the only way this was ending was with him dead. But he could have died a hero. He could have died saving the town, or at least Angela and Harrison. He could have died in such a way that didn’t emotionally break everyone involved. And if that wasn’t bad enough, his legacy in Miami is ruined as well. Instead of his friends remembering him fondly, they’ll realize that he was the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter’s legacy is ruined. So is Harry’s. 

I get that he was a serial killer. But that was sort of the point of the anti-hero. It was fantasy. Would we have cheered Dexter in real life? No, of course not. But this was a story, and it could have had a happy ending. It should have had a happy ending.

Instead, it had literally the worse ending it could have. No one was saved, and everyone’s life is ruined. What a terrible way to pay back loyal fans who came back, hoping that everything would be made right. 

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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