In the third episode of Web of Darkness, we’re treated to five brand new tales. It took me a while to suss out the underlying theme of these stories. At first glance, they don’t seem to have anything in common.

After considering it for a bit, I’ve come upon the theme. Finding danger in places that should have been safe. If you think the theme is something different, please let me know in the comments.

With five stories in one episode, there are going to be good and bad tales. The weakest story in this episode is certainly the last, Tenant of Terror. A young woman moves in with a couple who plan to sacrifice her to a demon. It just felt like there were so many things missing from this. I get that they only had minutes to tell a whole tale. But maybe some stories just don’t fit into this model. Some stories need a little time to build up the eerie factor. This story, of a demon preying upon an unsuspecting victim, needed a few more twists. It also needed some time to let the anxiety simmer. It had neither.

The best story of the bunch was The Sprucehill Triangle. A woman and her son are trapped at a campground while seeking shelter from a tornado. They’re greeted by a creepy groundskeeper who appears to be glitching. He also keeps on repeating a line, “You’ll make a fine addition to our camp.” What a creepy but also inviting thing to say. It doesn’t waste any time setting up the premise, then it delivers on it. There’s no escaping from Sprucehill. And I swear this story hasn’t left my brain since I saw it.

Watching this show feels like watching a bunch of CreepyPasta videos on YouTube in rapid succession. But I sort of love that about it. If you’ve only got time for one show, you can get five stories in during that time. It’s a great example of flash fiction, which I haven’t seen much of on the small screen. I hope we see more of it in the future.