Are you excited for another five tales of terror that could have been pulled right off the sub-reddit No Sleep? Then you’re ready for an episode of Web of Darkness.

It’s hard to say that this episode had a theme. Each story stood entirely on its own. So if you don’t like one story, don’t worry. There’s another one coming along in just a minute.

I always like to rank these stories and tell you the best and the worst. Let’s start with the worst.

The worst story, ironically, was the last one titled My Imaginary Ghost. A young girl is miserable because her dad has become violent and abusive. He sends her to the basement because she mixes the spoons and forks in the drawer. Good thing that’s where her dead mom left all her books about the occult and dark magic. Just a little thing thrown in there. The girl uses the spell books to conjure a Tulpa. With just a few quick words, no less.

This story was bad, and they should feel bad. And I think the actors involved know this. So they’re not bringing their A-game. I’d say they’re not even bringing their G game. We’re more in H territory there. Neither the daughter nor the father shows much emotion. Not when he’s taking off his belt to beat her with it. Not when she’s being sent into the basement. Not when the Tulpa is hunting the dad, intent on killing him. It was just an awful flop.

The best of the stories was the one called The Dark Witch. Despite its generic title, it was a clever story. We start with a kindly grandmother, telling her granddaughter stories of a witch called Black Annis. She preys upon children, drinking their blood to keep her young. As Grandma tells her grandmother the tale, Mom is going for a run. She stumbles upon a dead body. Presumably, this is the poor victim of Black Annis. 

This story was clever, creepy and fun. It’s easily the most enjoyable segment of the whole episode. 

Overall this is another fun episode. Check it out, then come back and let us know what you thought the best story was in the comments.