Any show has ups and downs. Some episodes are exceptional and some are best left unwatched. 

This episode of Web of Darkness was closer to the former.

As always we’re treated to five little eerie tales. And as always I’m going to go over the best story and the worst. 

The worst story by far was the first one, titled Playing with Evil. Two friends decide to play with an ouija board. They’re lured into the attic of a nearby house by a demon.

The demon is fairly creepy. The jerky movements and scratchy voice that mocks the girls are on point. Unfortunately, all the rest is awful. The acting in particular is just terrible. At one point one of the women says she smells something rotting. She says rotting smells come along with a demon. And she delivers that line in the same way someone might tell you they lost the extra buttons that came with their new coat.

It’s only scary if you’re her agent.

Now, let’s talk about the best story, Woman’s Best Friend. 

I might be biased because I love cats. But the cat in this one is stellar.

A young woman moves into her dream apartment with her cat, Honey. The place seems perfect until the woman comes home to find her front door wide open. She does what anyone who has a beloved cat would do. She looks for Honey. 

I’d have worried about the bloody footprints on the floor and the blood in the bathtub. But that’s me.

While she’s heading out to look for Honey, her neighbor shows up on the doorstep. It turns out someone opened the door to her place too. 

Fortunately Honey shows up right about then. She’s not a fan of the neighbor. Cats generally don’t like dead people. 

The rest of the stories were entertaining, if not perfect. In Haunted Highway, the main character is supposed to be American. Let me assure you, that’s no American accent. But the effects of the ghost girl were spectacularly creepy. 

In the story titled Beware the Shadow Aliens, a woman is menaced by her childhood imaginary friends. It was good, but I can’t tell what made the shadow people aliens, and not just shadow people. If you’re going to make a distinction, then there should be something unique about them.

Overall, this was a really fun episode. Let us know in the comments which story was your favorite.