Spoiler alert!

After last week’s rather dull offering, this episode of Wheel of Time was explosive.

We start by meeting a new character named Siuan Sanche. As a girl, her father had to send her away to keep her safe. Now, she’s the leader of the Aes Sedai and the most powerful woman on the planet.

Moiraine is worried about her audience with Siuan Sanche. She’s meeting with her over the unauthorized gentling of Logain. And to say she’s not pleased is the understatement of the bloody century. 

Moiraine is told Siuan will render her judgment the next day. In the meantime, she has other things to worry about. 

Like Mat, who’s basically dying. Rand, worried that Moiraine might gentle him, tries to stop her from even going near him. Fortunately, Lan tosses his ass, allowing Moiraine to heal Mat, and remove the cursed dagger from him. 

So, it seems like Mat will live to mess up another day. 

That evening, Moiraine goes to visit the last person we’d expect her to see.

Siuan Sanche. Because not only are they working together, they’re lovers. 

We discover that they’ve been working together to find the Dragon Reborn since they witnessed a vision of the end of the world. One of the Twin Rivers crew is the Dragon Reborn. But they don’t know who. Siuan Sanche’s plan is for Moiraine to take the crew to the place where the Dark One is kept. The true Dragon will be able to defeat him. 

The other ones are probably going to die. But as the world’s going to end, this seems like a minor thing. I imagine the Two Rivers crew will feel differently about this. 

There’s just one problem. To keep their plan a secret, Moiraine has to be exiled from the White Tower. 

This was an emotionally difficult scene. Watching Moiraine walk out of the tower with everyone turning their backs to her, when you know damned well it’s just part of a plot to save the world is grating. 

But it’s made better soon when the entire crew is finally reunited in front of a waygate. 

Moiraine is honest with the group, that they’re going to face The Dark One. She’s less than honest about the fact that any of them who aren’t the Dragon is going to die. 

At least one person might be on to her, though. Because while the rest of the team walks through the waygate, Mat stays behind. 

And we have no idea why. Until the next episode. 

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