Hey ho – Jimbo here. I went to InferKit and used their demo to create this masterpiece. All I wrote was ‘In Halloween Kills, Michael Myers is back and with a vengeance” and the bot took over from there. Is it live or Memorex? Oh boy, are my staff ever sweating to the oldies now!

In Halloween Kills, Michael Myers is back and with a vengeance. After serving nine years in a mental hospital for the murder of his sister, the once-innocent and sweet Michael has changed. His calm demeanor and lack of remorse causes him to be released, and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, Ill., where he will terrorize those he sees as guilty.

Three older women dressed as witches for Halloween.
As about as Halloween as it gets here…

4. Halloween

The classic slasher film inspired a genre that was soon followed up with sequels that focused more on the psychology of the killer, though many critics claim it’s too serious for a horror film. The screenplay is full of truly twisted psychopaths that tend to include terrifying villains like Dr. Loomis, Laurie Strode, and Sam Loomis. The sound of Michael Myers chainsawing into skin and bone is easily one of the most powerful sounds in all of film.

3. Halloween II

When the original film was released in 1978, Michael was already institutionalized after attacking his sister and killing three people. When John Carpenter returned in 1981 to direct a sequel, he decided to make Michael. But this time, he’s on the loose in Haddonfield. While this film may seem like just a continuation of the first one, it’s actually a completely separate movie and is considered to be a very faithful remake.

2. Halloween H20

This sequel brought on an entirely new cast and featured some of the best makeup in the franchise. In the story, Michael Myers is back from the dead and stalking his sister. The two have the chance to finish the battle they once had as children, but is it enough to defeat Michael once and for all?

1. Halloween

Since the original 1978 film, fans have debated what to make of the character of Michael Myers. Some say that he’s purely evil and the devil incarnate, while others describe him as the ‘perfect killing machine,’ perfect for the opening scene where he kills two high school cheerleaders in one quick blow to the head. Either way, he is the ultimate slasher.

Any number of great Halloween films can join this list, and with many in the works, it’s only a matter of time before one takes the top spot. If you’ve never seen any of these movies, you’re in for a treat.

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