Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is one of Adult Swim’s many bizarre, nonsensical television series. Our protagonist of the show is Gary (Henry Zebrowski), an “associate demon” who attempts to climb Hell’s corporate ladder by – unsuccessfully – creating new ways to condemn souls to hell.

Each episode averages to be about 12 minutes long and can be generalized as a horror/workplace comedy. One of my personal favorites of the series is episode 11 in season two, in which the story of Krampus Nacht is told.

The Plot

Gary and his coworker Claude (Craig Rowin) go on a quest to find Krampus after listening to Satan reminisce of the good times he had with the German child-eating monster. However, the demons are chagrined to discover Krampus is no longer what he used to be. An aging man centuries past his prime, he has lost the Christmas spirit. Yet it doesn’t take much work for the demons to convince Krampus that Satan needs him now more than ever. Krampus is overfilled with excitement and joy, but his gruesome passion for the holidays is more than Gary and Claude bargained for.

Krampus and Gary leave the police station (photo from Hulu)

“You tell me a kid lies one time and then he is put to death? That is not a way to teach anybody anything.”

A trademark of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is the comedically bad makeup. The demons bodies are painted red and they have brown horns sloppily plastered atop their heads. So it is no surprise that Krampus’ makeup is also a sight to behold: he is a blue wrinkly man with sharp antlers, giant ears, greying matted hair and the face of a witchy troll. His hairy body is either covered by grandpa sweaters, red suspenders or nothing at all.

“Krampus Nacht” is an enjoyable episode in that it blends the complimentary elements of horror and comedy into a holiday special. The ridiculous jokes and sometimes goofy acting adds to the show’s weirdness and charm. Its humor is silly, a little childish, kind of dumb – qualities I very much relate to.

If you choose to watch a few Christmas horror-comedies this month, I recommend adding Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell‘s “Krampus Nacht” to your list.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
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