Middle aged Mean Girls? Count me all the way in.

The Plot

Sophie O’Neill is in with the popular girls. Granted, they are all nearly fifty, but they are the most socialite women in the town of Mapleton, Texas. The Hunting Wives – as they call themselves – meet up every Friday night for drinks and shooting. After that, they like to play a game. A game that involves seducing men in out of the way bars and going just far enough to not cheat on their husbands. All of these shooting and flirting games become volatile and if that isn’t enough, a dead body turns up.

The Verdict

This thriller was unputdownable. I was entranced by Sophie and her delve into an exclusive clique that leads to dastardly ends. My edition was over 350 pages, but I finished it in two sittings. And for the record, it was only two sittings because I was forced to set it down not of my own choosing.

Watching Sophie and her gang try to find answers to the grisly murder on their doorstep leads to a race through the pages. While I have absolutely nothing in common with any of the characters in this novel, I was entranced in their adventures and the suspense that writhed through every page. This novel is filled with salacious encounters, dark passengers, and answers that wait until the very end to punch you in the mouth.

I was on edge in such a well created way that I give May Cobb massive props for keeping me so invested in every word on the page. Some reviews have condemned this novel for its use of sexual interactions, but I found them to enhance the narrative and the characters in a way that made me give this lauded text five full stars. Pick this one up today!

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
About the Author

Sarah Moon is a stone-cold sorceress from Tennessee whose interests include serial killers, horror fiction, and the newest dystopian blockbuster. Sarah holds an M.A. in English Literature and an M.F.A. in Fiction Writing. She works as an English professor as well as a cemeterian. Sarah is most likely to cover horror in print including prose, poetry, and graphic forms.

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