HOLLYWOOD, CA — Horror creators across the nation are frustrated that the year 2020 has included all of their most terrifying ideas. The frightening events American citizens have endured throughout the year have stolen the collective thunder of the community, leaving many horror creators with unfinished and unmarketable projects.

Author Michael O’Malley expressed disappointment with the reception for his latest manuscript. “I thought it was going to be a bestseller for sure,” he stated glumly. “It has everything: an extremely contagious virus with no known cure, a delusional leader who completely mishandles the crisis, and a divided public that can’t agree to take simple measures to prevent infection. I mean, it’s terrifying!” Mr. O’Malley’s agent has been unable to find a buyer for his novel, and was recently told by publishers that the book was “unoriginal.”

The dystopia is real

The events of 2020 are also affecting creators in the film and television industries. “I had this amazing idea for a dystopian series,” screenwriter Jeremy Phillips said. “Shudder was really interested. It was about a country torn apart by racism and police brutality. There were going to be protests, riots, even police dragging people into unmarked vans. But they passed on it,” Mr. Phillips explained. “They said they weren’t looking for a documentary.”

Screenwriter Jessica Miller, who spent most of 2019 working on a screenplay about witches, is also discouraged. “No one expected this whole Witchtok thing to blow up. Who’s going to watch this movie when a group of TikTok witches actually hexed the moon and pissed off the gods this year? I mean, that’s terrifying. What can possibly top that?”

Many believe that a group of rogue TikTok witches hexed the moon in 2020.

According to other creators, ideas that 2020 has stolen also include environmental disaster, a swarm of murder hornets, evil billionaires exploiting the working class, and a massive social media conglomerate that sells consumer data and refuses to stop the spread of misinformation. Ms. Miller says she is currently out of ideas for screenplays, and may have to change careers. “I was also thinking about a movie like Rosemary’s Baby, where maybe a girl gets pregnant by the devil. But then I woke up and saw that ‘demon sperm’ was already trending on Twitter, so I just gave up.”

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