Gatorz are HERE…

Gatorz! sewer alligators poster warning of the All New Jump-Scare Experience
Poster warning of sewer alligators coming up the toilet

Artwork description: A poster warning of baby sewer alligators coming up the toilets featuring an image of a caiman.

Image text reads: See Ya Later, Alligator. After a While, Crocodile. Gatorz! You’d better watch out when you sit on the porcelain throne, these babies are swimming up the line and are ready to own your ass. Check out the all new jump-scare experience, coming soon to a sewer near you…

Sewer Alligators ARE coming!!! You can’t run… You can’t hide… And you certainly can’t avoid them by standing on the toilet seat…

sewer alligators avoidance toilet seat signage - Don't stand on the toilet!
empty toilet seat with visual sign Do Not Stand on Toilet Seat While Using Toilet
sewer alligators avoidance toilet seat signage - Don't stand on the toilet! detail of sign
detail of toilet seat visual sign

This is an actual toilet seat sign as documented in Kansas City, Missouri… Kinda makes you wonder…

Watch out for more abominations of nature, as documented here on Haunted MTL

Portrait of myself with dark makeup and crow skull headdress, backlit by the sun.
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