So often horror podcasts feel like a great kept secret. One never seems to hear about them until they’re a few seasons in. Or even over completely. 

Right now, though, we have an opportunity to listen to a season of a podcast together. As a community. Because the fifth season of Tanis has just begun. 

I’ve just listened to the first episode. And I was in no way disappointed.

Nic, understandably, would like to just be done with Tanis at this point. He was found walking down a backwoods road in the middle of nowhere Russia with no idea how he got there. I understand his desire to move on with his life. While he’s still got a life to move on to. 

He plans to do one last wrap up episode of Tanis, then never ever talk about it again. He’s not the only one. Camron Ellis is off somewhere, doing who knows what. Pacifica Station has been shut down, the wall around Tanis removed. Everyone and everything around Tanis is gone, shut down, boarded up. 

Except that there are still people missing. Morgan and Veronika, to start with. 

Then there’s MK, who is all in at this point. She’s in LA, researching Tanis and sending Nic what she finds. 

What she finds is, finally, a copy of the novel Pacifica.

That’s right, after four seasons of waiting, we finally get to see what’s in Pacifica.

You might recall that when we first started talking about this novel, it was described as Firefly fanfic. I’ve seen Firefly. And by that I mean I could quote entire episodes. What we hear in Pacifica isn’t anything like Firefly.

It is, instead, a story of a man in a horrible accident. The use of his body is all but stripped from him in one horrible moment. In trying to recover, he feels like the best parts of his life have been taken from him. And he’s haunted by something else that happened during the crash. Something better left unsaid so that you can experience it first hand.

There seems to be no tie as of yet to Tanis or the rest of our story. Except that the man’s wife works for a government organization called Section.

We’ve heard of Section, but we haven’t heard a lot from them yet. That’s going to change this season. Two agents from the shady group show up at Nic’s door, Men in Black style, and read him a prepared statement. It’s basic, nonthreatening. The organization you call Section isn’t doing anything with the place in the woods you call Tanis. We’re just a peaceful group made up of several governments working together to better the environment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us so we can politely lie to you.

That sounds about right.

Sometime later, one of the agents returns. His name is Stirling Schuster which, let me just say, is a cool freaking name.

He’s come back without his partner to ask Nic for help. Stirling’s daughter is missing, lost in the breach.

Not the breach in the pacific northwest. Not the breach in Russia either.

The brand new one Section has discovered in Canada. They call it the Garrison Anomaly. 

I’m excited to see where this season will take us. And I’m pumped to listen to it with all of you. Stay tuned next week for a review of episode two.

What did you think of season one of the fifth season of Tanis? Let us know in the comments below.