Season seven of Dexter starts in medias res. Dexter is rushing to the airport. He tries to stop and get gas, but his card is declined. He seems frantic, scared. He’s pulling wads of money and fake passports out of a go-bag.

It seems very much like he’s running. 

But after a few moments, we cut back to the church. From there, the story is picked up right where the sixth season left off. Deb is seeing Dexter for who he is, maybe for the first time in their lives.

Here we’re treated to a scene that feels genuine. Deb is trying to wrap her mind around what she’s seeing. Her brother, the only person she has in her life, has killed a man.

Granted, it’s a man who brutally, spectacularly murdered people. But still, it’s murder.

Much of the joy I got from this episode came from watching Deb put the pieces together. This is something you can only get after investing in season after season of a show. All the little things that didn’t give her pause before are falling together now. All Dexter’s misdirections that individually weren’t enough to catch her attention are piling up. It’s enough to send her back to her coping mechanism, working out too much. If you’ve been watching the series along with me over the past few months, seeing her running on the treadmill, barely holding back what must be a flood of tears, was familiar and upsetting. 

Deb finding out about Dexter doesn’t worry me. She’s not going to turn him in for anything. But the problem is, she’s not the only one on the trail of something. Maria found Dexter’s blood slide at the church, the one he made from Travis. And she’s starting to put the pieces together too. 

The pieces for her are a bit different, though. They include her former lover and best friend, wrongfully accused of being the Bay Harbor Butcher. If she figures out what Dexter is, she’s going to have a lot of incentive to turn him in. She can clear Doake’s name, and discredit Deb as lieutenant. 

Honestly, I don’t see a downside for her. Dexter might have to kill her. 

We only have two seasons to go before we get to the brand new episodes in November. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

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