It’s the day before Halloween in the American Horror Story world, and we’ve just got two episodes left. There’s a lot to cover in this one, so let’s get started.

Donna and Brooke are eating at a diner when a pushy serial killer writer named Stacy recognizes them. Brooke, realizing that Stacy is going to turn them in if she doesn’t get her story, lures her to Camp Redwood with the promise of a story.

Stefanie Black in American Horror Story 1984.

Meanwhile, Margaret has made a shocking discovery. Her headline band is dead, but not gone. Dead and well, I’d say. Clearly, this will have some ramifications on her concert. Being the ever-savvy businesswoman, she gathers together Ramirez and Alex, our hitchhiker killer. Her plan’s a simple one. They’re going to kill all the musicians so their souls are trapped in Camp Redwood forever.

They’re not the only ones. Trevor ran into Montana and broke his marriage vows like so much cheap particle board. He’s in love, and he wants to kill himself to stay there. But Montana, having lived for years in the purgatory that is Camp Redwood, refuses to let him do that. Good for her, that she doesn’t want him to suffer. Even if it will mean she suffers a little less.

But the main story of this episode is Ben. He’s hunting Ramirez through the camp. He wants to kill Ramirez on the grounds so that he can’t go kill Ben’s son. I’m not sure that would work, since Satan brought Ramirez back once already. But it doesn’t matter. The other ghosts of Camp Redwood have no intention of letting Ben get what he wants. Instead, they promise to kill him every day for eternity. True to their word they stab him and set him adrift on the lake in a rowboat.

Leslie Grossman and Leslie Jordan in American Horror Story 1984

But, in a scene right out of Friday the 13th, Bobby pops out of the water and pulls him to shore.

There, Lavinia is waiting for a picnic. She is, maybe for the first time, happy. She has both of her boys back. And she promises Ben that they can all be at peace together, forever. They can be a family.

I’m sure that Bobby only came out of hiding because Lavinia finally showed kindness towards Ben. And I love that the three of them might finally have found the peace that they all deserve. It’s the kind of happy ending that American Horror Story loves to give us. Not the ending the character wanted, but a good one even so.

We’ve just got one final episode of American Horror Story, 1984. And then, finally, we’ll have covered every single American Horror Story episode. 

See you then, for the Final Girl. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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