This season of American Horror Story has been kind of predictable so far. But this episode has certainly made up for it. This episode, I’d say was the best one this season.

Grab a drink, Killer Queens, let’s discuss.

We start with a trip back to 1948, to Camp Gold Star. We meet Lavinia, the camp cook with two sons. One son, Bobby, she seems to just adore. Her older son, Benjamin, she doesn’t seem to like.

Benjamin and Bobby go down to the lake, but Benjamin’s distracted by two councilors having sex in the trees. Bobby jumps into the water and is accidentally killed by some idiot boating in the swimming area.

Back in the present (1989) Brooke and Rita are hiding out in a hotel room. Brooke’s not in great shape, and Rita’s focusing on helping her get better. The reason is simple. She knows there’s a Hell now, and she’s trying to make up for her sins. 

Emma Roberts and Angelica Ross in American Horror Story 1984

Once Brooke is healed, she wants to go to Redwood for the festival.

She wants to have a conversation with Margaret.

I love how hard Brooke is. At the start of this season, she was very much a scream queen (Ironically). After five years in jail, Brooke has a darkness to her. She has an air about her that suggests that she might not be someone to fuck with.

Then, of course, someone comes along to fuck with her. Because Brooke is nothing if not a serial killer magnate. She and Rita pick up a guy named Bruce, played by Dylan McDermott. He’s planning to kill them, but they take care of that.

Come on, those two have survived Mr. Jingles and the Night Stalker. Do you think some no-name serial killer’s going to take them out? No chance.

Meanwhile, Benjamin returns to Camp Redwood. He’s captured by the ghosts, and finally reveals the truth of his past. 

In case you didn’t already guess, Benjamin is Lavinia’s son. And he’s been carrying the guilt from the death of his brother all his life.

Lavinia, it seems, never left. She slaughtered as many councilors as she could, only for Benjamin to take her out. So now, she’s taken on a roll that’s a combination of Mrs. Vorhees and La Llorona

While Benji and his mother have a less than heartfelt reunion, the planning for the Halloween festival is well underway. And Ramirez is more than ready for the killing to start. 

This was a fun episode, that has me excited for the next. Hang on tight, Killer Queens, we’ve just got two more episodes of American Horror Story to go.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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