We begin this episode with a look back at Dauphine LaLaurie, and what sort of person she was. What sort of mother she was. It should surprise no one that she was a monstrous one. She locked her children up in her torture chamber. 

Now her children are zombies and looking for revenge. But they’re in a whole crowd of zombies. Pretty sure no one but their mother could have picked them out.

Zoe, Nan, and Queenie are alone at the mansion with LaLaurie. Cordelia and Fiona are at the hospital. Someone splashed Cordelia’s face with acid. She’s blind, disfigured and in the ICU.

Fiona finds herself wandering around a hospital that seems bound and determined to be the most unsettling place in the universe. The lights flicker, patients are roaming the halls. And most upsetting is you never see a doctor unless they’re running. I don’t usually get personal, but I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals. Doctors do not run unless something has gone seriously wrong. 

There, Fiona stumbles upon a woman who’s just had a baby. Sadly, the baby was stillborn. Lost in a strange wandering dream, Fiona brings the baby to life and places her in her mother’s arms. 

I wish dearly that this was the only interaction with life and death she had this episode. 

Meanwhile, the witches at the academy are holding their own. Especially Zoe. She goes Evil Dead on the zombies, taking them out with a chainsaw. Then, the chainsaw fails. And Zoe finds a strength in her that is shocking. It certainly shocks Marie Laveau, knocking her right out of her trance. 

Laveau can sense Zoe’s power, even from afar. 

When Fiona finally makes it back to the academy, she’s not thrilled to find the council bearing down on her. It seems clear that Myrtle is ready to have her displaced as the Supreme. 

But Fiona’s not going to let things go that easily. She’s managed to put together some really convincing evidence that it was Myrtle who splashed acid on Cordelia. It seems clear that Fiona’s going to win this battle with Myrtle as well. 

But then Misty shows up, and it seems that Myrtle’s going to get another chance. 

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