We all make mistakes, some big, some small. Most of our mistakes don’t involve killing an innocent man, of course. But we’ll get to that.

This episode starts in a way I think more should, the show being set in Florida and all. Someone found an arm inside an alligator. 

The arm belongs to a young woman who was recently photographed by an egotistical photographer named Farrow.

Before Dex can kill Farrow, he’s got to help out his kids. They always need something, don’t they? And Dexter is still struggling to carve out time for himself to carve people up. 

He turns again to Aurthur, hoping to learn something else from the elder serial killer. How does he balance everything?

The voice of Harry in Dexter’s head is worried about this. Dexter is meant to be killing Trinity, not getting parenting advice. But Dexter doesn’t think that Trinity is a danger right now. He’s done his three murders, he should be taking a break for a little while.

Trinity does seem to be a break from killing. And that doesn’t seem to agree with him. He’s angry, quiet, reserved. And when Dexter asks to hang out, they go out into the woods to chop down a tree. 

On the way home, Author accidentally runs into a deer. It’s in pain, dying horribly. But Arthur can’t kill it. He can’t finish the poor thing off.

Dexter, of course, has no trouble with it. Again, the voice of Harry tells him to strike. But he doesn’t.

Dex’s kills are getting personal. He wants to kill Trinity, at least part of him does, because Trinity almost killed Debra. And when Farrow insults Deb, he makes it on the list too. 

This is a big no no. Getting personally involved in his victims is something Dexter has always avoided because it creates ties that can be traced back to him.

He thinks he’s doing okay, though. He takes Cody on a camping trip and even manages to do some killing. But it’s usually when we’re most confidant that we find ourselves tripping.

And Farrow never did admit to killing those girls. 

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