This episode of Asylum had me on edge, Killer Queens. I was honestly so anxious that I was relieved when it was over. 

Not because anything super scary or gross happens. Oh no, quite the opposite. Everything went way too well for all of our heroes. 

Let’s discuss.

We start with Lana escaping from Briarcliff. The whole time she was getting ready to go, I was on edge. I was waiting for Mother Superior who was helping her to die horribly. But that didn’t happen. Everyone is fine.

Then Lana goes to Thredson’s apartment to make sure he sees justice. This scene was juxtaposed with scenes of modern-day Bloody Face having a date with a prostitute. One who had a baby recently and is lactating. This poor lady does come to an unfortunate end.

But Lana doesn’t. There are hundreds of little moments in this episode where I was sure she was going to come to a horrific end. The tension that this caused was perfect. It was like simmering a good stew for hours, except my emotions are the stew. What I’m saying is, well done.

Then there’s Kit and Grace. Their baby is healthy, they love him. But of course, they’re in an insane asylum. I don’t know how they didn’t expect someone was going to come along and take that little boy. 

Kit is determined to get his son back. He wants to marry Grace and raise their son together. And God help him, he makes it happen. 

Of course, it couldn’t be that easy. He does manage to get Grace to his home, and they’re ready to have a happy life together. But there’s a surprise waiting for them at the house. One that was was both shocking and made complete sense. I don’t dare ruin it for you.

The episode left me wondering how we could possibly have two episodes left in the season. I mean, there are some huge questions left to answer. But most of the bad guys are defeated. Most of the heroes have been saved. So what in the hell are they going to do for two episodes? Are we going to see an entire episode about the modern-day Bloody Face? Are we going to need two episodes to save Sister Judd and brutally punish Montsenior? Or, are there several terrifying surprises still to come?

Given what we know about American Horror Story, I’m betting it’s the latter. 

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