Episode five of Dexter was a slow burn kind of episode. A lot happened, but it took a while to get there. Not that I consider that a bad thing.

Dexter has concerns about Harrison, as any good parent does. He’s worried that Harrison will end up like him. Especially when Harrison scratches another baby on the cheek.

But Harrison isn’t the only one Dexter is worried about. He’s also worried about Luman. 

They’re meeting for breakfast in the morning. And he’s trying to convince her to go home. She’s trying to convince him to help her kill the men who raped her. 

And Dexter would like to kill these men. He says it’s to keep her from doing it, but I think he’s angry. I think he wants to hurt these men. 

I feel like Dexter is projecting onto Lumen a bit. I think he’s angry and hurt that he couldn’t save Rita. I also wonder if he’s not seeing Lumen as a stand-in for Astor, the stepdaughter he’s surely missing. There is a paternal feeling to his behavior.

Luman isn’t interested in his paternal feelings, though. She’s interested in feeling better. She thinks that killing the men who hurt her will help that.

She might be right.

Or she might need a therapist. Honestly, so many of the problems in Dexter’s life could be solved by a psychiatrist. Not only for him but many of the people he interacts with. Luman needs help healing, not seeking revenge. Dexter needs someone to talk to about his dark passenger.

Maria and Angel need a marriage counselor, by the way. Angel feels like Maria is sneaking around. He feels that way because she is, just not for the reasons he thinks. Rather than talking to each other, they’re both being idiots and making bad assumptions. Sadly, unless they can start communicating with each other, I’m worried Angel will soon be twice divorced.

Deb is another one that could use some therapy. She’s been a detective for a good while now, and she’s still socially awkward. But that hasn’t stopped her from following the clues for this gang killing. A conversation with the latest surviving victim leads her to an eye-shaped tattoo. This leads her to a gruesome discovery.

This season is shaping up well. I want to see Luman get justice, but not revenge. I want to see Deb find these gang killers and stop them. And I want to see Quinn stop investigating Dexter before he gets himself hurt.

I’m afraid I’ll only get two out of three on that list. But we’ll have to wait and see.

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